How Did Escanor Die in The Seven Deadly Sins?

Escanor, the Lion's Sin of Pride and one of the most beloved characters in the anime and manga series “Nanatsu no Taizai” (The Seven Deadly Sins), captured the hearts of fans with his radiant charisma and incredible strength. Despite his abilities, he had an innocent and childlike quality about him, which is perhaps why people adored him so much.

However, Escanor's life took a tragic turn in the series, culminating in his death. In this article, we'll look at the events following Escanor's death and how they affected the plot and its devoted fanbase.

Did Escanor Die in Seven Deadly Sins?

Yes, Lion’s Sin of Pride Escanor did die in Seven Deadly Sins, Escanor did die. Escanor was the kingdom of Castellio's second prince at first. As his night persona suggested, he was a very weak and frail individual. However, with Mael's blessing, “Sunshine,” he becomes the strongest human living. Escanor, fueled by his pride, goes to fight the Demon King in his “The One” form, at the pinnacle of his strength.

How Did Escanor Die

Unfortunately, the borrowed grace was enough to defeat Demon King, forcing his life essence to dissipate. By doing so, he is able to combat Demon King, but at a high collateral cost. He utilizes all of his strength to power “Sunshine,” which completely destroys Escanor. He prepared himself for the final battle and attack against the Demon King. Regardless, Escanor was on his way to death.

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Escanor was killed off in the season four episode “Mortal Enemies,” the 20th of the season and the 96th overall. The episode was broadcast on May 26, 2021.

How Did Escanor Die?

The death of Escanor occurs during the Demon King arc. The arc opens with Meliodas and Elizabeth, whose curses have now been broken and they have returned to Liones with the rest of the Sins.

However, they soon discover that Elizabeth's curse has strangely revived itself, and Meliodas learns that the Demon King has not been slain and has kidnapped Zeldris as his new vessel. Meliodas travels to Lake Salisbury to put an end to his father once and for all.

An enormous battle ensues, such as has never been witnessed before in the Seven Deadly Sins anime. The Deadly Sins finally defeated the Demon King with their combined powers, after giving everything they could possibly give, rescuing Melodias' brother. As the remaining Commandments depart, Escanor declares that it is time for them to do the same because everyone is expecting them.

The Sins state that they must return together with grief, indicating that they have already recognized that Escanor is dying because his body is so terribly burned out that it has begun to dissolve, rendering him immobile. Escanor declares that he has no regrets in his life and expresses gratitude to everyone for allowing him to meet them all. He concludes with a few words for everyone.

How Did Escanor Die

He tells Gowther that he was the best confidant he could have had; he wishes Diane and King good luck even though he will not be able to attend the wedding; he asks Elizabeth to send his greetings to the King and the whole of Liones; he thanks Mael for everything that he has done; he suggests Ban relax with the drink, and, finally; he tells Meliodas that he owes him his whole life and that he is a true friend.

Escanor eventually admits to Merlin that he has always loved her. Not only to remind Rosa of this, but also because she looked at him, talked to him, and bonded with him without bias or discrimination. Merlin claims he overestimated her since, in the end, she found him fascinating and simply regarded him as a test subject.

Escanor, on the other hand, feels it is more than enough reason to be pleased because it indicates he may exist in a corner of her heart. Merlin believes it is too late for everything and wishes she had met Escanor 3,000 years ago. Escanor promises to be with her no matter what decisions she makes, crimes she commits, or misdeeds she is accused of.

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Merlin, surprised, asks whether Escanor is conscious of her sin; Escanor admits it's only a sensation because she's had that sorrowful look in her eyes since they met. Escanor's body starts to burn, and he begs everyone to leave, but no one wants to see him die.

To everyone's surprise, Merlin approaches and kisses Escanor, who burns away in the process. Merlin informs him that she will never be able to reclaim his feelings for her, but she will retain the burns as a reminder of the one guy who loved her.

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