How Did Dora Die? Creepy New Trend Becomes Viral on Tiktok!

Short-form content creation on TikTok can lead to fame and financial success. These clips typically include someone performing some sort of activity, such as dancing or demonstrating proficiency in the use of a groovy musical instrument. The platform also hosts viral trends like Dora the Explorer.

In 2022, a trend called ‘how did Dora the explorer die‘ went viral on the platform. Let's learn more about this trend that became viral yet faded away in the end. Read on for further information.

What is the Dora TikTok Trend?

The Dora TikTok fad is based on videos of users expressing their emotions before and after researching how Dora the Explorer died. Their responses range from enthusiastic singing to open-mouthed horror at the speculations about Dora's demise.

A video was posted to TikTok on May 28, 2022, by a user who requested that other users “film yourself before and after searching ‘how did Dora die?‘” As the trend spreads, TikTok users are sharing what they've learned about Dora's death.

Yet people's theories on how Dora died range from Swiper pushing her into a river to getting struck by lightning. Many TikTok users are likely to have watched the children's show Dora the Explorer as a kid. She and her trusty monkey companion, Boots, became famous for their many daring exploits.

How Did Dora the Explorer Die?  

Several TikTok users have been using the search engine to learn more about the death of Dora since this topic became popular on the platform. There have been a lot of “How did Dora die” Google searches, and each result has its own theory.

The different answers left many users stunned, which is puzzling the admirers of Dora even more. One of the most prevalent explanations regarding the demise of this cartoon character is that she died drowning in water.

How Did Dora Die

Is Dora Actually Dead?

Dora is still alive, despite what you may have read on Google or seen on the TikTok app. Dora the Explorer's final episode features her bringing instruments to her classroom. Dora the Explorer finishes the show by singing her signature tune, “We Did It.”

Dora and her squad successfully completed an Incan mission towards the conclusion of the film, which aired after the series finale.

Is Dora the Explorer Still on the Air?

The show ran for 19 years and concluded in 2019. You can still view it again if you like. You can watch this show whenever you choose because Nickelodeon Jr. constantly airs repeats of older episodes.

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