How Did Dion’s Father Die in Raising Dion? What Happened to Mark Warren?

Carol Barbee's ‘Raising Dion' depicts the narrative of a young Dion who has superhuman abilities that he intends to utilize for good.

Dion's mother, Nicole, guides him on his journey and instills strong moral principles in him. In contrast, Dion's father, Mark Warren (Michael B. Jordan), is conspicuously absent for much of the film.

However, Mark's presence is felt at key moments, and the roots of Dion's superpowers are closely related to Mark's past.

As viewers prepare to binge-watch the second season, they must be interested in Mark's destiny and whether actor Michael B. Jordan reprises the role. In that case, here's all you need to know!

How Did Dion's Father Die?

Mark Warren is Dion's father and Nicole's spouse. In the first season, he appears in flashbacks as a scientist with BIONA. Mark was present in Iceland during a phenomenon known as the Aurora Event. The occurrence bestowed magical talents on everyone present. Mark's skills develop in Dion, and Mark leaves behind notes concerning his research into the Aurora Event and the superhuman qualities it bestows.

How Did Dion's Father Die

When we first meet Dion and Nicole, they are still grieving the loss of Mark. We learn through flashbacks that Mark (played by Michael B. Jordan, who is no stranger to superhero origin tales) was a scientist before his death, working for a biotech company called Biona, which raises all the red flags for a traditional “evil sci-fi corporation.”

Not long before he died, he and his best friend and colleague, Pat, supposedly observed a weird, maybe supernatural weather phenomenon in Iceland. Officially, he died while saving a woman from drowning during a storm, but given the strange things he was investigating, it seems a pretty safe bet that there's more to his death than the official tale indicates.

Although Mark dies before the series begins, he appears in flashbacks and strange visions throughout the nine-episode first season. The loss of him and his support forces Nicole to relocate her and Dion to a lower-income neighborhood and a new school where he struggles to fit in — both because he's one of the only black students and because he's a quieter, nerdy kid among louder, brasher classmates.

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Dion is attempting to be both a normal kid and a budding superhero while also dealing with his father's absence and mysterious death — a lot for a 7-year-old to deal with! There's no indication on whether or not there will be a second season, but we have a feeling Mark's presence will be felt.

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