How Did Cuchillos Die on My Block?

Season 3 of On My Block added a new opponent, Cuchillos; however, Santos' sociopathic leader did not survive. Though Ada Luz Pla's character appeared to be dead, there is some conjecture that she isn't completely gone. Here's how Cuchillos could return in season 4 of the Netflix series and how it might tie in with a larger storyline.

Who was Cuchillos in On My Block?

Throughout On My Block season 3, it was revealed that Cuchillos was the brain behind the Roller World heist, and she intended to find Lil Ricky so that she could personally kill him. As Cesar's brother, Spooky, continued to head the Santos, he became increasingly concerned about the rival gang, 19th Street.

He then learned Cuchillos was the reason his father was imprisoned, so he attempted to broker a deal with 19th Street to have her released. They adhered to the truce, and 19th Street appears to have slain Cuchillos.

How Did Cuchillos Die

The core four saw her body in a shallow grave before members of 19th Street set it on fire. According to co-creator Jeremy Haft (via Hollywood Life), the idea of Cuchillos faking her death sparked “another idea for season 4 that we hadn't thought of.”

Although it does not seem reasonable given what has been seen, On My Block may have some tricks up its sleeve.

How Did Cuchillos Die?

If Cuchillos created an extensive plan to fake her death, the main question would be why she did it. Cuchillos and her minions set up Spooky, although they appeared to side with him. If the death was intentional, it shows she was involved with 19th Street at all times.

In such a situation, Cuchillos must be aiming for a larger goal. Total control of Santos and 19th Streets is a possibility. Perhaps she wanted the core four to see her “body” so that the news of her death spread.

She could then pull the ropes from the shadows without individuals like Spooky interfering. If Cuchillos is still alive, it would not be the first time a character in On My Block feigned death. Spooky and Jamal discovered the vacant tomb of Lil Ricky while looking for him.

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He had been considered dead, but that appeared to be changing. Cuchillos may have a future in the Lil Ricky mystery, which might lead to her return to the show. If the TV landscape taught us anything, it's that not everything is as it seems.

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