How Did Clint Boone Die? What Happened to Tulsa Meteorologist?

Clint Boone was a respected American weather meteorologist who worked for KOTV, earning enormous regard for his ability and understanding in his area.

Clint began covering the weather in 1995, and according to his LinkedIn profile, he worked at Tulsa in 2011. Meanwhile, according to his profile on the News On 6 website, his first internship was with them.

While commencing work at News On 6, he also updated his LinkedIn profile, expressing his delight at being employed.

How Did Clint Boone Die?

Clint Boone who was a KOTV meteorologist, died on February 6, 2022.

Clint Boone's death was reported on February 6 by his daughter Emily via Facebook.

She posted a few photos of her father with his grandchildren, as well as old family photos, and stated,

“It is with a heavy heart that I announce our daddy's death this evening.” Please remember my family in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this difficult time. “I adore and miss you so much, Daddy.”

His cause of death has not yet been disclosed, and his family members have not yet reacted. Following his passing a few hours after his weekly Sunday evening forecast, Boone's family also posted messages.

Clint Boone's Education

Clint earned a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from an Oklahoma university and a master's degree in meteorology from Metro State University in Denver.

He went on to earn a bachelor's degree in meteorology from Mississippi State University, and he has previously worked at television stations in Kansas, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

How Did Clint Boone Become a Meteorologist?

According to his LinkedIn, Boone began covering the weather in 1995 and began working in Tulsa in 2011. His profile on the News On 6 website states that his first internship was with their station.

Boone's career led him from Kansas through Tennessee, Arkansas, and eventually, Oklahoma, where he worked until his death in 2014.

How Did Clint Boone Die

Boone updated his LinkedIn profile when he started working for News On 6, expressing his delight at getting employed by the news channel.

“I am going into my 25th year of being a television meteorologist,” he stated.

“I've worked every shift imaginable, from weekends to chief meteorologist, in some of the country's busiest weather markets.”

“I am blessed to start a new adventure at KOTV News on 6.”

How is Clint Boone Being Remembered?

Many people responded to Boone's daughter Emily's Facebook post, many of whom shared memories of her father.

From Boone's old roommate at Oklahoma State University to old colleagues and acquaintances who grew up just down the block, the remarks are diverse.

Others shared beautiful anecdotes about how Boone was there for them when they needed someone to lean on.

“You are in my thoughts and prayers,” one of Emily's relatives responded to her message.

How Did Clint Boone Die

“On the McSpadden side of the family, we are distant cousins.”

Clint attended my sister's funeral in Kansas after she died unexpectedly ten years ago. It meant a lot to both myself and my parents.

“I'm sending you comforting thoughts during this difficult time.”

“I am so stunned and so sorry to hear about Clint,” Rick Katzvey, a meteorologist for KNWA and Fox24 in Arkansas, stated.

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What a great person! While Clint was in Fort Smith, I got the opportunity to work with him on several live shoots.

He worked for our channel for years and was popular among fans.

Who Was Clint Boone's Wife?

Clint Boone was married to his adored wife, Laura Strassle York. They had a special bond and treasured their time together. The couple had two children: Emily, a daughter, and Hunter, a son.

Clint's commitment to his family was clear in the outpouring of support and sorrow expressed by colleagues and admirers following his death.

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