How Did Brandon Brootal Die? Why Did Emo Tiktok Star’s Death Take Social Media by Storm?

One of the best aspects of TikTok is that it has something for everyone. The app can help you rekindle your passion for '80s hip-hop, uncover content that inspires you to pursue a new pastime, and much more. Brandon Brootal's (actual name: Brandon McKesson) work is a throwback to the early 2000s emo scene for his 1.5 million followers.

Remember when everyone wore all black, band tees, heavy eyeliner, and studded belts? That look never died, and Brandon nails it well. His work transports fans to another era.

Unfortunately, Brandon hasn't posted on TikTok in months, and followers are worried that anything has happened to him. What happened to Brandon Brootal?

What Happened to Brandon Brootal?

It's unclear what happened to Brandon or why he stopped posting on TikTok as of today. His most recent video was uploaded on November 28, 2021. In it, he discusses “some stuff that went around that made me look bad.” He doesn't say what was said about him, but he does add that it's made it difficult for him to find an “emo girlfriend” and that he's very lonely.

Brandon mentions at the end of the video that he hopes to meet someone one day. His most recent Instagram post was on November 27, 2021. It's all about an “Ohio Is for Lovers” remake. Hawthorne Heights' original song was released in 2004.

People are reaching out to Brandon in the comments of these posts, hoping to hear back from the accounts they know belong to him. People are wondering if he's still alive and posting messages that say “RIP.” For the time being, there has been no answer to any of them, nor has there been any word regarding what has been going on in his life.

How Did Brandon Brootal Die?

Although some assume Brandon died, his death has yet to be certified. Other TikTok users claim to know him in real life and that he is still alive.

According to The Sun, a video of Brandon has leaked, leading admirers to believe he may have injured himself. On an Instagram account purporting to be his “backup,” a video was posted of someone screaming, “I'm about to die.”

On February 2, 2022, Sandra Phillips, who claims to know Brandon in real life, posted about him on Facebook. “A photo of Brandon Brootal, Tik tocker several years back [sic],” the caption says. “He has not died, as reported in the media.” He does, however, require prayers.”

How Did Brandon Brootal Die

Sandra stated in comments that she chatted with him “a couple of months ago.” She also stated that he is living with his father, but that they may be relocating. It's worth noting that Sandra's relationship to Brandon is unknown, while one TikToker thinks she's his mother.

Various individuals on TikTok are either voicing their condolences or claiming to have news concerning Brandon. Someone on the platform named Kat Katastrophe stated that she is friends with him and does not believe he is dead.

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“I was convinced that Brandon had passed, but I'm not so sure anymore,” Kat stated in a video about Brandon. She claimed she dialed his cell and home phone numbers and that whoever answered had “alarming” information on him.

Brandon Brootal's Family Reveals Information About His Demise

Brandon Brootal's most recent TikTok video was uploaded on November 28, 2021. He expressed his desire to meet an emo partner who would be “that special one.” Fans begged the content producer to publish additional films on the platform indefinitely, but he refused.

Following his death, his family shared a video that had been discovered from Brootal's camera roll. He explained why he hadn't “been focusing on his appearance” as much as he should have. The video was posted following another in which he stated that he does not believe he will “be here anymore.”

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His relatives also confirmed his death by posting a photo of him on Instagram. They claimed that in his memory, they would continue to post his content on the platform.

His Instagram account, which has over 2,773 followers, has since started sharing posts about suicide prevention.

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