How Did Bob Proctor Die?

BOB Proctor, the Proctor Gallagher Institute's global CEO, died on February 3, 2022. He was well-known for his inspirational story and his ability to motivate others all around the world to achieve their goals.

Proctor's lessons emphasized the importance of having a good self-image in order to achieve success, usually referencing the pseudoscientific concept of the law of attraction.

In this article, we will explore what happened to Bob Proctor as well as his personal life.

Who Was Bob Proctor?

Bob Proctor was a self-help author and presenter from Canada who was born on July 5, 1934.

He is most known for his New York Times best-selling book You Were Born Rich and his consulting work on the film The Secret.

Proctor's products have long highlighted the importance of having a positive self-image in order to succeed, with several references to the Law of Attraction.

When he was younger, Proctor had low self-esteem and lacked desire, dropping out of Danforth Tech after getting a thumb injury from a bandsaw and having no future objectives.

How Did Bob Proctor Die?

Proctor was working in a fire department in Toronto at the age of 26 when he met a man who handed him the book Think and Grow Rich, which was the first book he had ever read.

Soon after, the influence of this book began to change his life. He began washing floors and earning money to help pay off his debt.

Proctor went on to establish a cleaning service company, claiming to have produced more than $100,000 in his first year despite having no official education or business expertise.

After comprehending the book's genuine value, he went out to learn more about it.

What Happened to Bob Proctor?

Sandy Gallagher, who co-founded the Proctor Gallagher Institute with Proctor, announced the author's death date as February 4, 2022, in a heartfelt homage.

“Bob has passed away and has transitioned to the next phase of his eternal journey,” Gallagher posted on Facebook.

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“I owe Bob a great debt of gratitude,” she continued. “Please join me in sending love and light to Bob and his family.” The cause of death for Proctor remains unknown.

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