How Did Babyface.s Die? Everything About TikTok Star Matima Miller!

Babyface.s was an American actor, TikTok celebrity, social media personality, and Internet superstar. On his official TikTok account, he was well-known for his inventive dancing videos. Matima Miller was his given name.

He rose to prominence following his assassination in the United States. Many people are paying tribute to him and posting photographs of him on their social media sites.

Damaury Mikula, a friend of his, had previously confirmed his death. People are saddened to learn of his death. Aside from that, Babyface.s has a sizable fan base across all of his social media channels. He was contemplating entering other video-making platforms but was unable to realize his ambition.

Who is Babyface.s?

Babyface.s was born in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA on December 26, 2002. Matima Miller is his true name. On TikTok and Instagram, his fans affectionately refer to him as Swavy.

He completed his fundamental education at a small North Carolina institution. He also enrolled in a prestigious college for his high school graduation. However, he has yet to reveal information about his higher education.

How Did Babyface.s Die

Matima has not divulged his parents' names or occupations. He also hasn't shared any photographs or videos with them. He enjoyed eating his mother's cooking. His parents have also encouraged him to pursue his dream of being a social media influencer.

In his childhood, he used to play with his brother. His brother's name is Stackupquan. Stackupquan is also a well-known TikTok celebrity and content developer. In 2021, he had 145.6k followers. Babyface was a Christian who belonged to the African-American ethnic group.

How Did Babyface.s Rise to Fame?

Swavy started making videos on TikTok under the name “babyface.s” at the beginning of 2020. In just one year, he had more than 2.5 million fans on his account and nearly 100 million likes on his videos. Some of the content was comedy skits, and some of it was dance routines.

How Did Babyface.s Die

Most of Swavy's dance movies showed him and his friends practicing their choreography and dance steps in public places like malls, stores, parks, and sometimes even in the middle of the street.

Before he died, in his last two movies, he wore different clothes from his closet. His death was another sad accident, which happens all too often in those places.

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It was the 16th murder in Wilmington in 2021 after 82 people had been shot there already that year. About the same time in 2020, 73 people were shot and 11 of them died.

How Did Babyface.s Die?

The shocking news that the famous TikToker Babyface.s is dead started to spread quickly on the Internet. Sources say that he was killed early on Monday, July 5, 2021, in the 700 block of Elbert Place. He was shot dead and had a gunshot wound as well. At the time of his death, he was 18 years old.

The cops haven't said anything more about the death, and a probe is still going on. One of his friends, Damaury Mikula, has reported that he has died. Damaury put his picture on Instagram and wrote a sad note next to it.

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He also posted a video on YouTube in which he talked about Babyface's death. Babyface.s's older brother, Stackupquan, also posted a picture of him and wrote about the sad news.

Matima’s Friend Destiny Mourns His Death on Instagram

Matima's family hasn't said anything public yet, but his friend Destiny also paid tribute to him on Instagram after Demaury's video.

@II_destinyy posted a bunch of pictures of herself with Matima on her Instagram Story and wrote, “I love you sm to the moon and back.”

She also said, “I just need a hug from you one more time.” Fans are saddened by Swavy's sudden death, and now there are a lot of tributes to him on social media.

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