Who Was Baby CEO? How Did Memphis Rapper Die?

Baby CEO, whose real name is Jonathan Brown, passed away on January 19, 2021. Born on October 26, 2000, Baby CEO gained attention for his involvement in the rap scene, particularly for his association with the Memphis-based rap group Savage Squad Records.

As fans and the music community mourned the loss of Baby CEO, his passing served as a reminder of the broader challenges faced by young artists in the music industry and the importance of addressing mental health concerns.

The legacy of Baby CEO lives on through his music, and discussions surrounding his untimely death continue to shed light on the need for compassion and understanding in supporting the well-being of artists in the entertainment world.

The circumstances surrounding Baby CEO's death were tragic. Continue reading to learn more!

Who Was Rapper Baby CEO?

Baby CEO, whose name is Jonathan Brown, was born on October 22, 2000. When he died, the Memphis, Tennessee, artist was only 20 years old.

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As a teenager, the rapper rose to prominence after taking to social media and uploading lyrics about his violent lifestyle, which included photos of drugs and guns.

Baby CEO signed to Fredo Santana's Savage Squad Records and collaborated with the late Chicago rapper on songs including CBG and Thru The Front. Santana was labeled the “protege” of Baby CEO.

How did Baby CEO Die?

The rapper's death has yet to be determined. Posts alleging that the artist had died began to appear online on the morning of January 20, but the news has yet to be confirmed.

The rumored death of Baby CEO came only three years after the death of Chicago-born hip-hop legend Fredo Santana of Savage Records. Santana's Savage Squad Records signed Baby CEO. Before his death in 2018, Baby CEO was frequently referred to as Santana's protégé by local media publications.

Following the news of the rap prodigy's death, a Twitter thread began. “Damn man.. rip baby ceo llfredo,” one fan said.

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Another fan wrote in a photo of Baby CEO and Santana, “Crazy, they both died on the same day, 3 years apart. Rip baby CEO.”

“Condolences to his family and friends, Rest Up Baby CEO,” another fan tweeted. Another fan said on Twitter, “Damn, RIP Baby CEO Shelby County. I miss you dearly, bro.”

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