How Did Armin Die in Attack on Titan?

“Attack on Titan,” the critically acclaimed manga and anime series, concluded its epic narrative with a multitude of shocking twists and impactful character arcs. One of the pivotal moments in the series is the fate of Armin Arlert, a character who played a significant role throughout the story.

Armin Arlert is Eren's best buddy, and his final meeting with him is one of the series' most heartbreaking scenes. Given that the Rumbling killed eighty percent of humanity, people were curious as to whether Armin was still alive.

Questions like, “Does Armin die in Attack on Titan?” circulating on the internet before and during the anime's ultimate release, piqued fans' interest. Armin, thankfully, does not die in the anime and manga series.

Let's take a peek at the series' conclusion to see what Armin did after the death of his good companion, Eren. In this article, we delve into the circumstances surrounding Armin's death in “Attack on Titan.”

How Did Armin Die in Attack on Titan?

Armin's death was handled in Chapter 82 of the manga and Season 3, Episode 18 of the anime during the “Return to Shigashina” arc. The Survey Corps went out intending to regain Shigashina.

He managed to keep out of range of Bertholdt, the current Colossal Titan until Armin created a plant that would allow him to leap onto the Colossal Titan.

How Did Armin Die in Attack on Titan

He grappled with the Titan's fangs while climbing, forcing Bertholdt to let forth steam in the hopes of burning him off. When that didn't work, he increased the pressure and intensity of his attacks until Armin was burned to a char. Eren landed on the roof to grieve his late companion Bertholdt after ripping him from the Colossal Titan.

Armin coughs, indicating that he is still alive, as Zeke confronts Eren, and Levi rushes to his help. Eren pleaded with Levi to use the Titan Serum to save Armin, and while Levi initially consented, Erwin's arrival on the scene on the point of death altered Levi's mind.

Levi would not be discouraged, no matter how much Eren pleaded, until he shared Armin's desire to visit the water. Erwin pushes the needle away from Armin, preferring the serum, and when they inject Armin, his pure Titan form regenerates his body.

Bertholdt begged to be spared when he awoke, but Armin devoured him and became the Colossal Titan. When Armin recovered, he was surprised to learn what had happened, particularly that he had been administered the serum instead of Erwin.

Even worse, and almost horrific, was the fact that he held the Colossal Titan's strength and had eaten Bertholdt to obtain it. Perhaps recalling his adolescence and problems with poor self-esteem, Armin felt enormous guilt for being saved in place of Erwin.

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When he has used the Colossal Titan's strength, it has wreaked devastation, damage, and death in ways that only serve to reinforce his guilt.

Armin did survive Shigashina, but something altered him—something he didn't want to face. Though he possessed the Colossal Titan's transforming power at his disposal, which could have changed the tide in some situations, he seemed to prefer his armor and the support of his fellow troops throughout most conflicts.

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