How Did Former Cast Member From ‘Love After Lockup,’ Alla, Die?

Another former Love After Lockup cast member has passed away. Alla Subbotina passed away on August 7th. Her untimely demise comes after the tragic loss of Love After Lockup Season 2 actress Tracie Wagaman on July 1.

Alla first appeared on the hit WE TV series during its first season. Alla had been in jail for five years for distributing heroin, but her boyfriend, James Cristia, was waiting for her to be released.

They met through a pen-pal service and instantly became friends. Things appeared to be looking up for the two. However, after she was freed from prison, the relationship quickly deteriorated.

Not long after her release, Alla relapsed and began taking drugs, and she fainted during a Season 1 scene. This was a painful experience for James. Nonetheless, he was by her side when she entered rehab. Alla was able to remain sober during her stay in treatment.

It didn't last long, though. She began taking drugs again and broke her parole, resulting in her return to prison. Alla was jailed again last year and released just this month, despite James' efforts to stay by her side. We're not sure if they stayed in touch after that, but with her tragic death, we'll never know.

How Did Alla Subbotina Die?

Alla's drug addiction tragically contributed to her death. Yelena Subbotin, Alla's mother, announced her daughter's death on social media.

how did alla subbotina die

“Sadly, addiction won today,” she wrote in a Facebook post that included a video of her daughter's face. Alla, my dear daughter, died early today. I'm devastated by this, and I hope she's in a better place. Addiction is a horrible disease, and my daughter has been struggling with it for many years. My eternal daughter, may you rest in peace. We adore you, Allochka, and will never forget you.”

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According to Reality Titbit, Alla's funeral took place on August 12, with her family holding a private service before opening the funeral to friends and the public.

How did Alla Subbotina React to her Death?

When admirers found out about Alla's passing, they immediately rushed to social media to express their condolences. Many people were heartbroken by the young lady's death, including Twitter user @oucrimsongirl.

“Another Love After Lockup cast member has died,” they tweeted. Alla appeared in the first season and relapsed shortly after being freed. Sadly, she never overcame her demons.”

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Another fan commented, “Wow, this is so sad—first Tracy, now Alla.” “Love After Lockup fans, we lost another,” tweeted @mzaliz. Alla had a bright future ahead of her. Please keep her family in your prayers.

She was another someone you just root for and want to see succeed.” The Love After Lockup community is devastated, and we express our condolences to Alla's family, friends, and admirers.

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