How Did 6 Dogs Die? Why Did 21-Year-Old Rapper Loss His Life?

In the ever-changing world of music, artists frequently emerge as creative beacons, using their talents to fascinate fans and leave an unforgettable impression on the business. 6 Dogs was one such musician, whose distinctive blend of rap and alternative music earned him a devoted fan following and solidified his place in the music landscape.

Tragically, his promising trajectory was cut short, leaving fans and the music community in despair. The 21-year-old rapper went to heaven at such a young age due to depression as he committed suicide. What was the cause of his death? Have a closer look at the article to know the full details of his demise.

Who Was 6 Dogs?

6 Dogs, whose real name was born Chase Amick on May 5, 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia, exploded onto the music scene in the mid-2010s. His particular sound, defined by melodic rap and thoughtful lyricism, distinguished him from his contemporaries. 6 Dogs established a sound identity that connected with a diverse audience by drawing inspiration from a variety of genres, including hip-hop and indie rock.

6 Dogs

His big break came in 2016 when he released his tune “Flossing,” which rapidly went viral on SoundCloud. The success of the song lay the groundwork for his career, as he went on to release songs that showcased his changing style and deep reflection. Songs like “Faygo Dreams” and “Spaceship” cemented his place in the music industry.

How Did 6 Dogs Rise to Prominence?

6 Dogs began releasing songs on SoundCloud in 2016 and released his self-titled debut album 6 Dogs in 2017.[8] Shortly after, he acquired a record deal with Interscope Records in 2018, allowing him to work with rap media heavyweights like as NoJumper, Cole Bennett, Benny Blanco, and Danny Wolf.

In 2018, 6 Dogs co-directed a music video for his single “Buttcheeks” alongside Executive Producer and Director Cole Bennett. Later that year, 6 Dogs and Danny Wolf produced 6 Wolves, a collaboration record with rapper Yung Bans as the lone feature. In 2018, 6 Dogs released his single “Off the Gas” with Lil Skies. 6 Dogs departed Interscope in 2019 to self-release his second studio album, Hi-Hats & Heartaches.

6 Dogs

6 Dogs has received over 250 million streams on streaming networks such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

How Did 6 Dogs Die?

On January 26, 2021, it was announced that 6 Dogs had committed suicide at the age of 21. The announcement sent shockwaves across the music industry, leaving fans mourning the loss of a musician whose music had impacted their lives.

6 Dogs has always been upfront about his struggles with mental illness. In an earlier interview with No Jumper, he revealed that he began rapping as an outlet for his despair. He recalled his experience as a lifeguard as the first moment he realized he needed to accomplish something with his life.

The singer is also known for writing songs about mental health issues. According to Amick's bio on Apple Music, “Rapper 6 Dogs achieved internet fame in the late 2010s with a series of melodic songs about depression, suicide, and other heavy topics.” In November of last year, he tweeted something cryptic, saying, “If you have friends in the music business, call them and check on them.”

This rat race in which we all find ourselves is not cool. This rat race in which we all find ourselves is not cool. Some days I feel like a superhero ready to take over the world, and other days I just want to cry and give up. I'm aware that I'm not alone. I know many of us feel the same way.”

This was also his second last tweet on Twitter, and he had teased his followers about the release of his upcoming album a week prior. Some fans have made inferences and questioned the probability that this is the cause of death. Nonetheless, Twitter has devolved into a depressing environment, with thousands of fans and many young artists paying tribute to 6 Dogs and calling him an influence.

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