Do You Want to Know About the Cast and the Latest Updates on House of Ho Season 2?

Ultra-rich family with lavish life of Huston, HO's are for you, For those who want a sneak peek in their lives, this article is for you. The distributor of House of Ho season 2 is HBO under the production of Sonya Novak and Kelly Greaney. The Famous American show has released only one season so far having 7 episodes of 35-42 minutes.

What Is the Plotline of the Real Housewives of House of Ho Season 2?

The House of Ho is an American reality show by HBO. This show revolves around the Ho family headed by the couple Binh and Hue.

Hue and Binh entered America after the mass exodus from South Vietnam in 1975. Initially, they worked as laborers for years before Binh begins his career in Insurance.

House of Ho Season 2

Now, Binh earns millions of dollars from the bank and real estate development companies.

They have two sons and a girl named Judy. The names of sons are Raegen and Washington after the names of the former American president. They don't know about the hardships of their parents and experienced lavish life their whole life.

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One day at the dinner table Judy confesses that she is going to have a divorce from his husband. This was like a bomb for the catholic Vietnamese family in which Divorce is taboo.

Washington is the oldest son of Ho's who is going to take over their business but he is more concerned about drinking and moving around. Raegen is the youngest son who is not afraid of his parents telling them what he is thinking.

One of my favorite, aunt Tina, is one of the interesting characters. She likes to dress sexy and celebrate her birthday every Wednesday.

Go watch the house of Ho with your family

Names of the Characters involved in House of Ho season 2?

The season centres on the life of the Ho family who lead lavish lives in Houston.

1. Binh Ho (is a Vietnamese American immigrant who is now a multimillionaire living in Houston with his family)

2. Hue Ho ( She is the wife of Binh Ho who is very loyal to his husband)

3. Judy Ho ( She is the elder daughter of Ho family, struggling in her married life. She recently had a divorce and is living as a single mother in the house of her parents)

4. Lesley Ho

5. Washington Ho ( He is the oldest son of the Ho family who is not responsible and extravagant)

6. Aunt Tina ( She is the most interesting character who likes stylish clothes and celebrate her birthday every Wednesday)

7. Cousin Sammy

House of Ho season 2: When will it premiere?

Let me tell you guys, season 1 of The House of Ho is already on air. Its first season aired on Dec 10, 2020. The production has confirmed the dates for season 2 yet.

You can binge-watch all the seven episodes of season 1 on the undermentioned OTT platforms.

House of Ho Season 2

Where Can We Watch the Real Housewives of House of Ho Season 2?

The emotional and drama-packed episodes of House of Ho can engage audiences for a long time this is the reason all the OTT platforms want it in their arsenal.

Amazon Prime has won the bid. You can watch season 1 on the respective platforms.

What Are the Ratings of House of Ho Season 2?

The House of Ho is made only for the target audience and not for all. It is because the ratings of the series are not at par. It has got only 5.8/10 ratings on IMDb. But

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if you are a real fan of the house of Ho franchise. You are going to love this season.


House of Ho is a family drama with a Vietnamese touch.

We get to know the different characters of the show like Binh. He looks nice old guy on the surface. Hue is more a disapproving mother and Mother-in-law.

We also get to know about the deep-rooted Asian Vietnamese tradition.

with tradition at home, we can observe the hunger for a lavish life in the elder son Washington.

For me, it is a drama-packed show that can force you to binge-watch all the episodes without any break.

If you have missed its first season. Then you can watch all the seven episodes on the above-mentioned OTT platforms.