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House of Dragon VS Game of Thrones: Which Is Superior?

As the first of numerous planned Game of Thrones spin-offs, HBO's House of the Dragon launched in 2022, prompting the question of which show is superior, House of the Dragon or Game of Thrones. Despite being set 172 years before Daenerys Targaryen's accession to power, the new program is looking frighteningly similar to its predecessor, Game of Thrones. We cannot ignore the similarities between House of Dragon and Game of Thrones, which led to this debate.

That this would cause people to draw parallels between House of Dragon and Game of Thrones was clearly premeditated. It will be very challenging to get the result of the House of the Dragon vs. Game of Thrones issue, as the launch of House of the Dragon, which introduces a host of new Targaryens and other characters, feels like Condal, Sapochnik, and Martin laid some transparent paper over Game of Thrones.

Some argue the duplicate is of lower quality than the original when comparing the two pilots side by side, but we'll settle the score here. Now then, let's examine this: The question is whether House of Dragon or Game of Thrones is superior.

Is there a connection between Game of Thrones and the House of Dragon?

In House of the Dragon, events occur both before and after the Targaryen invasion of a wealthier Westeros, some 175–200 years before the events of Game of Thrones. Around 100 B.C., the Valyrian Empire was wiped out in the Doom of Valyria, along with every dragon in the world with the exception of the Targaryens' dragon riders.

Why do you think House of Dragon is superior to Game of Thrones?

The House of Dragon vs. Game of Thrones debate can be settled once and for all by examining the former's superior qualities. While Game of Thrones launched its characters in Winterfell and Essos, they quickly grew split, offering each episode various avenues to follow.

House of Dragon vs Game of Thrones – Which One Is Better?

King's Landing may not be the only location for long, but the Iron Throne will stay central now that the House of the Dragon has taken control of the city and King Viserys Targaryen's succession has become the dominant focus and inevitable cause. In contrast, Game of Thrones houses and dynasties always wanted the Iron Throne but never managed to win it.

Some fans of the show claim that George R. R. Martin wasn't happy with a certain scenario from the first season, in which Robert Baratheon goes hunting with only Renly, Barristan Selmy, and Lancel Lannister.

House of the Dragon's third episode features a hunting situation that surpasses that of Game of Thrones: a royal hunting party in this world would be the epitome of regal splendour, replete with a tent and horns. However, this does not yet constitute a decisive victory for either House of Dragon or Game of Thrones.

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How is Game of Thrones superior to House of Dragon?

Due to the two-sided nature of the House of Dragon vs. Game of Thrones debate, we must now consider the positive aspects of the iconic TV series. In the pilot episode of “Game of Thrones,” three men of the Night's Watch combat with White Walkers, beings capable of murder, on a snowy landscape. Even if you weren't familiar with George R. R. Martin's work or a huge fan of the fantasy genre, you probably couldn't resist the opening sequence, which is dramatic, violent, and a little scary.

House of Dragon vs Game of Thrones – Which One Is Better?

In contrast to the preceding two episodes, the initial scene of The Heirs of the Dragon is a dry voice-over narration from an older Princess Rhaenyra describing the history of gendered succession, which is a violation of one of fiction's cardinal sins: telling rather than showing. Whereas Game of Thrones lets events unfold and expects its audience to absorb them, House of the Dragon spends a lot of time pouring content that it thinks is vital.

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Who Wins: House of Dragon or Game of Thrones?

We can now crown a victor between House of Dragon and Game of Thrones. Fans of Game of Thrones were happy with just seeing three dragons, so the roughly seventeen dragons in House of the Dragon were a welcome addition. The Targaryens were sidelined in Game of Thrones, but they play a starring role in House of Dragon.

Nevertheless, we are aware that many viewers of the new show are doing so because of the success of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is superior to the House of Dragon adaptation despite the fact that the two are similar.

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