Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Ending | Is Its 5th Part Hopefully Coming?

This time around, Hotel Transylvania 4 will not be soaring into cinemas. According to Variety, the fourth episode of the tale, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, will be streamed internationally via Amazon Prime Video instead.

The Universal picture will open new doors by avoiding cinemas entirely for the first time since it began in 2012, along with a replacement for Adam Sandler's Dracula.

Todd Durham, a comedic writer, developed the Hotel Transylvania cartoon media series.

Sony Pictures Animation created 3 theatrical features, 1 direct-to-video film, 3 graphic novels, 3 short films, a Disney Channel flash-animated TV series, and video games.

Hotel Transylvania 2 and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation was released in 2015 and 2018, respectively.

Critics have given the films mixed to good reviews, and they have made over $1.3 billion globally on a total production budget of $245 million.

On January 14, 2022, Amazon Prime Video will release the fourth and final episode, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania Quick Facts

Directors: Jennifer Kluska, Derek Drymon
Story by: Genndy Tartakovsky
Distributed by: Amazon Studios
Based on: Characters; by Todd Durham
Box office: $18.5 million
Hotel Transylvania 1 Release Date September 28, 2012
Hotel Transylvania 2 Release Date January 12, 2016
Hotel Transylvania 3 Release Date July 13, 2018
Hotel Transylvania 4 Release Date (expected) February 25, 2022

How did Hotel Transylvania 3 End?

Van Helsing receives the object the Instrument of Destruction from a remorseful Ericka, and he lays a trap for the monsters at a dance party.

hotel transylvania 4

  • Mavis begs Johnny's help after noticing Dracula's anger over Ericka. She pushes her father to talk to Ericka by saying she was frightened he would desert her, calming Drac's fears.
  • Ericka is forced to admit that she is Van Helsing's great-granddaughter after Van Helsing arrives and pushes the DJ away.
  • Van Helsing unveils the Instrument of Destruction, a case containing a music sheet, and plays a tune that causes a benevolent Kraken to attack the monsters.
  • Dracula attempts to halt the Kraken but is harmed in the process. Ericka saves Dracula from the Kraken and begs her great-grandfather to spare him, declaring her love for him. This enrages Van Helsing, who strikes both of them.
  • To calm the Kraken, Johnny pulls out a portable DJ gear and plays upbeat music to drown out Van Helsing's song.

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The Kraken becomes peaceful and cheerful as the “Macarena” is played; Van Helsing is powerless to stop it as people and monsters dance, ripping the music sheet.

Will there be a Hotel Transylvania 5?

Remote production was done during the COVID-19 epidemic. The movie's title, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, and its status as the series' last installment were announced in April 2021.

  • According to speculations, the fourth Hotel Transylvania film will be the franchise's final installment, released in April 2021.
  • The final Hotel Transylvania film, Hotel Transylvania 5: Christmas Holidays, will be released in 2024. (2022).
  • Jennifer Alaska is directing the film, written by Genndy Tartakovsky and co-directed by Derek Drymon.
  • Except for Adam Sandler, who has left the franchise and been replaced by Brian Hull, most of the original cast members will reprise their roles.
  • The voice actor in the first three Hotel Transylvania films will not appear in the fourth or future Hotel Transylvania films.

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Sony Pictures will release Hotel Transylvania 5 in RealD 3D on November 27, 2024.

What's the Update About Hotel Transylvania 4?

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania gets a new streaming date from Sony Pictures Animation.

  • Starting January 14, the hotel Transylvania franchise's next entry will be available on Amazon Prime Video.
  • The company's purchase of the picture allows it to escape box office difficulties caused by the current COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Both films were originally intended for release around the same time, which caused scheduling issues.
  • According to Variety, Sony is allegedly on the verge of selling Hotel Transylvania: Transformania to Amazon for more than $100 million. This deal would see the fourth episode of the hit Sony Animation series make its streaming premiere.
  • There were rumblings last week that a deal with one of the significant streamers would be in the works when Sony rescheduled Venom: Let There Be Carnage from September 24 to October 15.
  • On a total budget of only $230 million, the preceding trilogy grossed $1.3 billion worldwide.
  • Delta infections are particularly harmful to youngsters, even though no Covid vaccinations are licensed for those under 12.

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It's an understatement to say that this is unfortunate.

Wrapping Up

Hotel Transylvania 4 will be accessible on Amazon Prime Video in 240 countries on January 14, 2022.

“The Hotel Transylvania franchise's success over the years speaks for itself,” Jennifer Salke, Amazon Studios' CEO, told Variety.