Honor Society Trailer Review (2022): Gaten Matarazzo Casted As a Student!

Next, the return of Stranger Things the following week, you will get the opportunity to spend some time with series star Gaten Matarazzo in a YA comedy produced by Paramount+ later the next month.

Honor Society is a coming-of-age drama about a girl who is hellbent on beating the competition so that she may get into an Ivy League institution. And he starred in the film opposite Angourie Rice (Mare of Easttown), who plays his co-star.

The issue is that once you get to know your rivals in college and fall in love, it becomes much more challenging to defeat them in competition. The debut of the film takes place toward the end of July.

Honor (Rice) addresses the camera head-on in the promotional video as she describes the steps she will take over the next four years to gain admission to an Ivy League university. These steps include excelling in her academic pursuits, becoming involved in community service, and working hard to establish a reputation for herself.

Her guidance instructor has informed her that she is one of the top four students in the class, which throws a wrench into all of her well-set plans. To realize her goals, she will inevitably have to eliminate the opposition, and Michael Matarazzo represents the most significant obstacle in her path.


Oran Zegman is in charge of leading the Honor Society. The director has already helped with several comedic short films, but this is her first attempt directing a feature-length film. The screenplay was written by David A. Goodman, who has been nominated for six Emmys and has a lot of experience writing comedic material.

He has written for television shows such as Family Guy and The Orville. He is also responsible for writing the script for the hilarious Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite video game.

In addition to Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Promising Young Woman), Armani Jackson (Grey's Anatomy), Ben Jackson Walker (Orange Is the New Black), and Amy Keum (Paramount's Evil), more notable actors can be found in the ensemble of Honor Society.

On July 29, the Honor Society will have its world premiere on Paramount+ in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The streamer has not yet announced release dates for territories outside the United States.

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