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A Bit About Homeland Tv Series: When Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody comes home after being held captive for eight years. CIA agent Carrie Mathison thinks he has turned and is involved in a terror plan to be carried out on American soil. So, she plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with him that puts the security of the United States at risk. Carrie gets a promotion and goes back to the front lines overseas after a while.

She is sent to the Middle East, where she is in the thick of the war on terror at one of the CIA's most dangerous and unstable stations. Years later, after Carrie loses hope and goes into self-imposed exile in Berlin, she becomes estranged from the CIA. When she comes back to the United States, she works for a foundation that helps Muslims living there.

Quick Facts About Homeland Tv Series

  • Network: SHOWTIME
  • Adapted from: Prisoners of War
  • Original release: October 2, 2011 –; April 26, 2020
  • Genre: Serial drama; Espionage thriller; Psychological thriller; Political thriller
  • Awards: Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama

Homeland Tv Series Review

Peter Quinn, who has since passed away, could tell you that very few people on Showtime's Homeland died when you might have expected.

Homeland Tv Series

There were a lot of characters on the show that dragged on for multiple seasons after they should have passed, and just as many were killed off for the sake of high drama even though they still had a lot of unfinished business.

The same goes for Homeland as a show. This isn't a predictable way to start a “Showtime lets all of its shows go on too long” review, though Homeland did go on too long. Instead, I want to point out that in several of my thoughts for previous seasons, I've said that new episodes felt like Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon were heading toward an apparent endgame, but the show just kept going.

As Homeland returns for the first time in almost two years. The show is clearly, and most definitely coming to an end. I think you can tell because the writers are returning to the pilot instead of making things about Carrie's demons coming home to roost, which is a common Homeland trope.

If you remember, the series began with Nicholas Brody, played by Damian Lewis, escaping captivity. Still, there were questions about whether or not he had been turned and whether or not he would necessarily know.

If you don't remember, the seventh season ended with Carrie (Claire Danes) being freed after being held by the Russians for 213 days. They may have tortured her and kept her from taking her medicine. Everyone knows what happens to Carrie when she doesn't take her medication.

A few months have passed, and Carrie is now getting better physically and mentally at an Army medical center in Germany. She looks pretty healthy and seems to be making good decisions in her therapy, but there are two big problems:

Homeland Tv Series

Some people in the military are worried about Carrie. First, she can't remember what she did for 180 days while in jail. Second, she recently failed a polygraph test. Still, Saul Berenson, President Warner's (Beau Bridges) national security advisor (played by Mandy Patinkin), is sure she's on the road to health, or at least Carrie's idea of health.

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Homeland Tv Series Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Homeland Have The Ninth Season?

Homeland will not be back for the ninth season.

How Many Seasons Of Homeland Can I Watch On Netflix?

There are eight seasons.

The award-winning show has been a Netflix must-watch for years, but it looks like its time is almost up. All eight seasons will leave Netflix on January 1, 2022, in nearly every country where it is still available.