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Homeland Season 8 Review: Is There Going To Be Ninth Season?

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A Bit About Homeland: C.I.A. agent Carrie Mathison believes Marine Sgt. Nicholas Brody has changed and is involved in a terror plan to be carried out on American soil, so she challenges him to a risky game of cat and mouse that compromises American national security when he returns home after eight years in captivity. Later, Carrie receives a promotion and returns to the front lines abroad.

Years later, after becoming disillusioned and going into self-imposed exile in Berlin, Carrie separates from the C.I.A. She is tasked with working at one of the C.I.A.'s most explosive and hazardous stations in the Middle East, putting her in the thick of the fight against terrorism. She finally returns to the United States and starts working for a nonprofit that helps Muslims who live in the country.

Quick Facts About Homeland

‘Homeland' Review

The ultimate spy, Carrie Mathison, in The “Homeland” finale sees Claire Danes' patriotic-at-all-costs intelligence officer turn into the thing she first set out to expose as a double agent. After living eight years with fear of fire with every breath, being killed, or finally leaving the C.I.A. behind, she has spent the entire time living in fear of Saul.

Homeland Review

“Homeland” built its conclusion (and entire final season) around comparing Carrie to the collected P.O.W. who would eventually become the father of her child. The episode was given the title “Prisoners of War” (a nod to Gideon Raff's Israeli Series on which “Homeland” was based) and was framed by Nicolas Brody's confessional video.

Had she become a different person after being questioned by Russians for seven months as Brody had? No. But after spending seven years traveling the world with Brody, through him, and after him, Carrie lost faith in her government's ability to uphold the law.

Carrie relied on the Russians for assistance in Season 8, and her faith in them was consistently rewarded. The American president, who was unprepared and stupid (sound familiar? ), continued to put her and everyone else in danger, frequently on the orders of his right-wing right-hand man, John Zabel (Hugh Dancy, aka Mr. Claire Danes).

Any chance of success vanished long ago with the president's helicopter, but Saul (Mandy Patinkin) continued to try to negotiate for peace in Washington and the Middle East through the usual channels.

Carrie Mathison possesses all three qualities: patriotic, moral, and a spy. These characteristics of her identity are brought to the fore by something deep within her and cannot be disregarded.

A perfectly satisfying conclusion would have sounded hollow in her case. It would have been too simple to give her a tragic one. While there may be no perfect solution, this conclusion was pretty darn near. Like its protagonists, “Homeland” motivate viewers to make hard decisions, and the show found one last test to achieve just that.

Homeland Series Finale Recap

The title of this week's episode is “Prisoners of War,” and you don't have to be an experienced single-season-and-you're-done recapper like me (you're welcome for my service!) to figure out what that moniker means.

Homeland Review

Since long before we first saw them on film, Carrie and Saul have been prisoners of war – conflicts in the Middle East, battles in the East, fights inside their own houses, and wars between one other. We are prisoners, both as viewers of Homeland and as completely innocent spectators on this earth.

The most exciting scene from the first season, which was, in my opinion, one of the most exciting seasons of television this decade, was featured in the opening of this episode: Nicholas Brody was filming his manifesto as he prepared for what he believed would be his final act of horror.

The show has been less aggressive about hammering us with symbolism this season, but the nuances have always been there; Carrie is essentially Brody. This year, neither she nor we have been sure of her allegiance.

If we're all being honest, the only ending that makes sense is Carrie being sent to Moscow, even if they probably didn't foresee that happening.

Carrie would never have the idyllic home life we'd all like to imagine for her since she was a prisoner of this conflict.

Still, I believe the Homeland writers provided us a gift by portraying her not only at peace but also alive with the excitement of her new pursuit.

We are all aware that it is preferable to keep her apart from her family so she can live out her dubious values in a world without victims. Or inmates.

Will There Be Season 9 Of Homeland?

Season 8 of the homeland series is quite successful in touching the viewers. But now there are updates that season 9 will come with a new plot this time.

Homeland Review

The eighth and final season of Homeland, which aired on Showtime and Channel 4, brought the show to a tragic close. Viewers and journalists alike have praised the performance since its debut in 2011. It was delightful in H.D. for channel 4 on-demand viewers with faster internet speeds.

As a spy thriller, the question of whether or not Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) could be trusted was at the heart of the Series's first season. Carrie's C.I.A. work and personal life are explored in greater depth as the Series continues.

When the show's eighth season aired, fans had to say their final goodbyes to their favorite characters. In the climax, Carrie was recruited to assassinate her mentor, Saul Berenson, a significant shift for the characters (Mandy Patinkin).


Homeland Season 8 Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Homeland Season 8 Any Good?

Yes, Homeland season 8 is probably the best story so far. We have seen that. The story of Carrie Mathison after leaving the C.I.A. makes this story different. This Series is made with perfection.

Is the Ending of Homeland Good?

It's absurd from a logical standpoint, but emotionally, it's the ideal resolution—basically, Homeland in a nutshell. Carrie is still a prisoner of war, but she survives in her gilded cage, confident that she has the upper hand over everyone.

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