Homebound Release Date: When Was the Last Funding Round for Homebound?

In the English countryside, when Holly (Aisling Loftus) attends a birthday celebration for Richard's youngest child, she is ecstatic to finally meet her fiancé Richard's children for the very first time. Holly is keen to make a good first impression, but the scene she finds herself in is far from ideal when they arrive at the venue.

HOMEBOUND is written and directed by Sebastian Godwin, a British horror film director who has previously directed a number of short films as well as four episodes of the television series “Night Haunts.”

Godwin makes his feature directorial debut with Homebound, which is his first feature film. Godwin has previously directed four episodes of the television series “Night Haunts” in the 1990s.

The trailer and release date for the film Homebound have been announced (2022). In 2022, the horror film Homebound will be released with a trailer and a release date.

Holly, played by Aisling Loftus, is a young woman 18 years old who is going with her newlywed husband (Tom Goodman-Hill) to meet his family members who have been separated from him due to his military service. Meanwhile, they learn that his ex-wife has gone missing and that his children are behaving in unusual ways while they are on their journey.


Homebound 2022

Homebound release date

During a birthday celebration for Richard's youngest kid in the English countryside, Holly (Aisling Loftus) is overjoyed to finally meet Richard's children for the first time. Holly's children are delighted to get the opportunity to meet her for the first time.

Holly is anxious to present herself in a professional manner; but, when the other members of the group arrive, things are not quite as they seem. British genre filmmaker Sebastian Godwin directed and wrote the picture, which marked his feature directorial debut after having made a number of short films in the preceding two years.

Godwin has directed a number of short films in the preceding years. Aside from that, he has directed four episodes of the television series “Night Haunts.”

Cast List

Aisling Loftus: Holly
Tom Goodman-Hill
Hattie Gotobed- Lucia
Raffaella Chapman- Anna
Lukas Rolfe- Ralph
Sebastian Godwin-Director

Homebound release date

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Homebound Release Date

Homebound release date

The homebound will be able to turn out on Friday, May 13, 2022, which is a Friday in the year 2022. (Only a limited amount of discharge.) The simultaneous release of eight different motion pictures on the same day, including Firestarter, Senior Year, and Family Camp, is a rarity in today's entertainment industry.


On September 25, 2021, we premiered HOMEBOUND at Fantastic Fest in New York City, marking the film's worldwide premiere in the United States. A theatrical release in the United Kingdom is scheduled on April 1, 2022, with a digital release the following day, on April 4, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Invested in Homebound?

Gaels and Goldman Sachs are among the 17 investors in Homebound Capital.

When Was the Last Funding Round for Homebound?

Homebound completed its latest financing round on March 25, 2022, which was led by an angel investor.