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Will ‘Hocus Pocus 3’ Be Released? What the Cast Has Said About a Possible Follow-Up!

The production of Hocus Pocus 3 has not yet been confirmed by Disney, but if the success of the second film is any indication, it will likely be made.

The sequel's launch on September 30 resulted in Disney+'s highest-ever opening weekend for a movie in the United States. With Halloween upon us, we have no doubt that it will see an influx of new viewers this coming weekend, which accounted for all of its initial success in the first three days of its release.

Hocus Pocus 2 has a quite conclusive finish, but there is a credit scene that leaves the door open for a return of the Sanderson sisters, so there's still hope. Don't lose hope just because the third installment hasn't been announced; the arrival of the second film was delayed for approximately 30 years.

What do you think? Should we expect the third installment of Hocus Pocus? This is all the information we have so far.

Winifred Sanderson, Sarah Sanderson, More

Hocus Pocus 3 Release Date: When Will It Air?

There has been no official word on a Hocus Pocus 3 as of yet. Disney would likely hold such an announcement for the next Disney Plus Day, which would likely take place in the fall of 2023 given the cult status of the original '90s film.

Hocus Pocus 3 Release Date

Although the announcement of a sequel to “Hocus Pocus” was made in October 2019, production on the film didn't begin until October 2021, and the movie wasn't released until September 2022.

Hocus Pocus 2 wouldn't hit theatres until at least the fall of 2024 or 2025 if it ever got launched into production due to the time it takes to write the script and assemble the cast and crew for a terrifying movie for kids.

 Who Could We See in Hocus Pocus 3?

Of course, we hope that Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimi will reprise their roles as Winnie, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson. Truthfully, without them, Hocus Pocus just wouldn't be the same.

Whitney Peak (who plays Becca), Belissa Escobedo (who plays Izzy), and Lilia Buckingham (who plays Cassie) are among the new cast members who could return.

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What Have Cast Members Said About Hocus Pocus 3?

Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker expressed skepticism about a threequel but were open to the notion of future parts in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Hocus Pocus 3 Release Date

My gut tells me that this is it. Every possible narrative has been extracted from this. Najimy stated, “I guess you should never say never, but I'm thankful that we got to do it again.” No word on a third installment yet, but I can attest to the film's devoted following.

Of course, I'd join a third if there was a way, but I have no idea how. Midler continued, “I have no idea what the plot might be, but I adore Winifred, Sarah, Mary, and our friendship.”

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Speculating on the Potential Plot of Hocus Pocus 3

It's likely that Becky and Izzy will show up in the film as well, and it would be silly if the Sanderson sisters didn't make an appearance. With the second Black Flame candle lit, as seen in the Hocus Pocus 2 post-credits scene, the witches would be brought back to life, though what would happen after that is anyone's guess.

Is There an Official Trailer Available?

There has been no word on when the film's third sequel will be released. However, it appears like there is still a fair amount of time before the news is made, which has disappointed many fans. Here is the teaser for Part 2 in case you missed it. We'll keep you informed if there are any developments concerning the upcoming third section.

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If there were to be a third installment, what would you like to see happen? Leave your feedback in the comments.

We will keep you apprised of any developments on Hocus Pocus 3 here.

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