His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending Explained: Do Lyra and Will End up Together?

His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending Explained: His Dark Materials Season 3 has come to an end. We were all moved to tears & suspenseful anticipation by the show's end, but we also felt a flood of love and comfort.

The final episode of the season was directed by Harry Wootliff and written by Francesca Gardiner with a teleplay by Michael F. Reilly. This episode was titled “The Botanic Garden.” Bad Wolf and New Line Productions' His Dark Materials for BBC One and HBO is adapted from Philip Pullman's trilogy of the same name.

the show's music is composed by Lorne Balfe and written by Jack Thorne. The novel The Amber Spyglass serves as the basis for the third season's adaptation. Season three features eight episodes, each running between 50 & 60 minutes.

Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen), Marisa Coulter (Ruth Wilson), Father Hugh MacPhail (Will Keen), Thorold (Gary Lewis), Lord Asriel Belacqua (James McAvoy), Serafina Pekkala (Ruta Gedmintas), Will Parry (Amir Wilson), Mary Malone (Simone Kirby) & Colonel John Parry (Andrew Scott) are just some of the star cast of His Dark Materials.

Let's find out what happened at the end of His Dark Materials Season 3. Just scroll down this article and read His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending Explained in detail.

His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending Explained

At the conclusion of Season 3 of His Dark Materials, viewers were taken to the Botanic Garden. The conclusion was bittersweet, both for the characters & the viewers. Asriel & Marisa killed Metatron in the penultimate episode, leaving Lyra & Will's fate uncertain but the fight over.

As the show progresses, Will & Lyra discuss whether or not Dust is good or terrible; but, after meeting with Mary, our heroes learn the truth about Dust, which is basically the awareness of the planet and cannot be either good or evil.

His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending Explained

However, we noticed that the amount of Dust in the globe was decreasing & Angel Xaphania told Mary that not even the love between Lyra & Will could keep the Dust around. All the doors & vents leading to other worlds must be sealed so that the dust does not escape into other parts of their Universe while it settles.

In addition, the development of lethal specters can be traced back to the openings into other planets. As a result, Will smashed the knife & shut down all gateways. Then, where does it leave Lyra and Will?

They may have kissed, but fate has other plans for them. It appears that neither of them can exist in the other's world since their daemons would perish. New episodes of His Dark Materials season 3 Picture was taken from the Third Season Finale of His Dark Materials Lyra and Will, facing the unflinching reality of their life.

They make a pact to experience the Land of the Dead and gain liberation from it through their stories before eventually meeting in the Mulefa world. They plan to keep returning to the same site every year on June 21 at noon until they reach that point in time.

Will and Mary go back to their world to be with Will's mom in the end. The Subtle Knife is another item he breaks. At the end of the third season of His Dark Materials, a title card reveals what happens to Will and Lyra in the next installment.

Will's career as a surgeon has taken off, and we get to see it. It is said that Lyra is currently enrolled in St. Sophia's College, where she is re-studying the alethiometer. The creators have dropped a hint that Lyra & Pan will be in more episodes in the future.

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Do Lyra and Will End up Together?

The fact that Lyra and Will, despite everything they've been through, don't end up together is one of the bittersweet aspects of the movie's ending. Especially now that they've realized how they feel about one other. Xaphania assures Lyra & Will that the return of Dust to the Mulefa world is temporary.

Due to the various gaps made by previous knife-bearers, dust is still leaking out of the world & plunging into the void. When the knife is used, it not only opens a portal for Dust to leave the world but also welcomes new entities like Spectres.

Shutting down all possible points of entry is the only way to prevent the situation from deteriorating to a critical point & rescue the universe. Both Lyra & Will had intended to return to their respective worlds for a while, but they agreed to keep in touch anyhow because Will could always pop in & out of Lyra's at will.

His Dark Materials Season 3 Ending Explained

To permanently seal the window, however, would require one of them to give up their current lifestyle. Will, though, explains that not even that is an option. As we saw in the previous episode, his father has warned him that he will have to make the decision to return to his own world when the time comes.

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He cannot make it in a parallel universe. For their own survival, Will & Lyra must now go back to their own worlds. The situation is now hopeless for them. When faced with the choice between saving the planet & being separated forever or doing what they want, how should they decide?

They come to their senses in the end & do the right thing. While Lyra returns to her own realm, Will returns to his. They agree to meet on the bench at the Botanic Garden on the same day & at the same time every year to remember one another. Because of this, they could maintain some form of the connection while being physically separated.