Hightown Season 3: Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2022!

When will Hightown Season 3 premiere? If you saw the season 2 conclusion, you'll see that the writers have reintroduced Jackie to her old habits, and there's still room for a third season! Fans are already requesting the following season.

We're convinced that Starz will renew it, even though it hasn't been formally announced. Here are some of our predictions for the upcoming season, including a possible release date, cast, trailers, and news, as well as answers to some of your burning questions.

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Release Date for Season 3 of Hightown

According to Sur Sangam, it was renewed in march 2022.

Recap of Season 2 of Hightown

Jackie fully recovered after being shot by Osito earlier in the season. She also straightened up her life when it spiraled out of hand owing to her drug and alcohol addiction.

She desired to be a state police detective while working as a marina police officer. Renee had set up Ray, which resulted in Frankie and Jorge being released from prison, and he was dismissed, losing everything he had worked for. Frankie's wicked activities were too much for Jackie and Ray to bear, so they came together to build a case to bring him down!

On the Cape, three teenagers got their hands on the new pills and died from an overdose of the lethal Fentynal combo. Jackie yanked that thread and began her ascent from the ranks of small-time dealers.

She begged Sgt. Scintilla to let her go to state police and follow up on the leads. She had a fling with Leslie (who had previously been involved with Ray). Jackie's stability was blown away when she became too serious too fast. Leslie began to ghost her.

Scintilla took advantage of Osito's dilemma, now that he's in maximum security and inmates are attempting to murder him at Frankie's request. To improve his circumstances, he gradually persuaded him to snitch on Frankie. With Wayne Grasa and his next-in-line, Osito, both in prison, Charmaine, Wayne's niece, became the new boss.

She and her younger sister, Aileen, smuggled Fentynal onto the island by bus and subsequently distributed the narcotics as the “Great White.” When Frankie learned about her, she became her most significant customer. He also offered to upgrade her mode of transportation by flying her on a private aircraft instead of taking the bus.

Renee had been appointed as the strip club's manager until Jorge was released from prison. He put her down at every turn, bringing up her history of whoring.

One of the young dancers, Daisy, was one of Jorge's favorites, and he made her his girlfriend. He would thrash her and then apologize with gifts. Jackie tracked her down and turned her into a confidential informant, giving her further information about Frankie's enterprise.

It didn't last long, though, as Frankie discovered she had loose lips and murdered her in front of Jorge, instructing his cousin that it was in their best interests.

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Renee had discovered she was expecting Ray's child. As an alibi, Jorge went to the club and got into an altercation with Renee. He pulled a gun on her, and she accidentally fired and killed him with it. They disposed of his body with the help of the cleaners. Everyone, including Frankie and the cops, looked for Jorge and even found his car, but he was nowhere to be found.

Renee returns to Ray's arms as a result of this deed. Though he didn't entirely trust her, he kept an eye on her hoping she would deceive him again. Jackie spiraled out of control after Leslie cut her off, and she began drinking and smoking again. However, she had an epiphany in her hazy stupor that her C.I. was dead and awoke to investigate.

Even though Ray and Renee were having sex, he began to gather information regarding Frankie's plan. She wished for him to save her from Frankie's clutches. When Ray learned Charmaine was smuggling drugs into the country, he informed Jackie.

They couldn't find anything since Frankie had become paranoid and altered their plan. He assassinated the pilot right before Charmaine and then discarded his body!

Ray received another warning from Renee that Charmaine was smuggling a double supply from New York, so all vehicles and boats entering the peninsula were stopped. They apprehended Charmaine with the package and attempted to get her to turn on her N.Y. connection or Frankie, but she refused.

Frankie disposed of bodies at a dumping ground, according to Osito. Along with Jorge, they found the C.I. and the pilot. Frankie was arrested and accused of the murders! Renee had set him up, he finally realized.

Charmaine was supposed to be transported to prison by Jackie and Leslie, but she managed to get away! Leslie then threw Jackie under the bus, not wanting to jeopardize her career. Jackie struggled for a long time… she eventually got the job and the girl, only to lose both the next day. She reverted to her old habits of drinking and doing drugs.

When Ray went to see Frankie, who told him Renee killed Jorge and framed him, he was filled with suspicion. Ray was rehired and promoted due to his outstanding performance, while Saintille was transferred to another department. Due to this, Scintilla got information about the women who disposed of Jorge's remains. This brings us to season three…

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Summary of Season 2 of Hightown

In Season 3 of Hightown, we believe that Saintille would not rest until he discovers who murdered Jorge. When he was relocated in the season two finale, he received information on the cleaning firm that may have carried his remains. Even if they returned to Jamacia, he would most likely make a journey to gather information. It was all about getting Saintille back to his former job. Ray wasn't going to last long, he realized.

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On Osito's orders, Frankie was imprisoned. We saw him pass out, but we don't know if he died. We don't believe he did, and we think he will recover. While trying to expand his enterprise, he'll send word to goons on the outside to exact vengeance on Osito.

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Will Charmaine be able to stay free, or will she vanish? We're hoping she doesn't make the mistake of coming back…

Renee was given a chance to be entirely honest with Ray. She didn't tell him she killed Jorge and then covered it up, but she did tell him she was expecting his child. She could reclaim the “go bag,” which contained money, narcotics, and a revolver. They have a child together, which complicates things. We believe their relationship will deteriorate in the coming season as distrust grows.

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In the case of Jackie, she may be able to reclaim her career, but only if she can overcome her addictions…

What do you believe the new season will bring? Tell us about it in the comments section!

Trailer for Hightown

The Cast of Hightown Season 3

  • Monica Raymund as Jackie Quiñones
  • James Badge Dale as Ray Abruzzo
  • Mike Pniewski as Ed Murphy
  • Riley Voelkel as Renee Shaw
  • Amaury Nolasco as Frankie Cuevas Sr.
  • Atkins Estimond as Osito
  • Dohn Norwood as Alan Saintille
  • Tonya Glanz as Trooper Leslie Babcock
  • Imani Lewis as Charmaine
  • Rumi C. Jean-Louis as Frankie Jr.

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Season 2 Episode Guide for Hightown

Season Episode Title Air Date
2 10 Fool Me Twice” Hightown Season 2 Finale December 26, 2021
2 9 Small Craft Warning December 19, 2021
2 8 Houston, We Have a Problem December 12, 2021
2 7 Crack is Wack December 5, 2021
2 6 Behind Every Skirt is a Slip November 28, 2021
2 5 “Dot Dot Dot” November 14, 2021
2 4 “Daddy Issues” November 7, 2021
2 3 “Fresh as a Daisy” October 31, 2021
2 2 Girl Power October 24, 2021
2 1 “Great White” Hightown Season 2 Premiere October 17, 2021

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