High Fidelity Review: Is Fiction Series Worth Watching Again?

High Fidelity Review: In this gender-flipped adaptation of the novel and film; Zo Kravitz is fantastic, but the programme itself is merely entertaining on the surface.

“High Fidelity;” which premieres on Hulu on Friday; is a fantastically cool show that gets a long way on vibes alone; thanks in part to a hypnotic lead performance from Zo Kravitz.

She's so good that it's hard to imagine she can't find someone who will adore her precisely as she is.

I'd say “warts and all,” but come on, those are gorgeous beauty marks and creative tattoos.

Rob; the list-making record store owner initially seen in Nick Hornby's novel and later played by John Cusack in the 2000 film; is played by Kravitz.

The genders are reversed in this version, and Kravitz's Rob (short for Robyn) has had at least one same-sex romance.

She smokes cannabis and cigarettes all the time; her drink of choice is whiskey neat or bodega coffee; she dresses like Kramer from “Seinfeld” with sheer bras, and she owns a run-down record store in Brooklyn.

She's also dealing with a shattered heart: her fiancé dumped her a year ago, and she's still on the mend; whether she admits it or not.

Rob begins an alleged journey of self-discovery by contacting the partners responsible for her “desert-island; all-time Top 5 most unforgettable heartbreaks;” yet she does not begin this effort until the end of Episode 3.

No one from her background seems to understand her; and even her new love interest; Clyde (Jake Lacy, who may be ringing too many “Girls” bells for the show's liking); appears cheesy in comparison.

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Normally, it is unimportant whether an adaptation adheres closely to its source material; nevertheless, the references are so obvious and self-aware here that they deserve to be mentioned.

Lisa Bonet, Kravitz's mother, portrays one of Cusack's love interests in the film, a sultry musician regarded with awe.

Sarah Kucserka and Veronica West's adaptation for television has numerous references to the book and film; including verbatim lines; soundtrack choices (hey, Beta Band); character names; a mopey sweater; and no doubt additional winks I missed.

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Many of these direct ports work quite well, much like a fantastic revival of a classic play.

High Fidelity Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Fans of the 2000 film adaptation of Nick Hornby's acclaimed 1995 novel may be wondering what the point of it all is after two episodes of the High Fidelity TV series.

High Fidelity Review

That's how similar the show is to Stephen Frears' romantic comedy Rob Gordon; in which John Cusack played the starring part.

In the TV series; Zoe Kravitz plays Rob Brooks; the primary character; while Da'Vine Joy Randolph steals the show as Rob's high-­energy record store employee; much like Jack Black did 20 years ago.

Kravitz has a special connection to High Fidelity because her mother; Lisa Bonet; played singer Marie De Salle in the film.

Kravitz, who was 11 at the time, was impressed, as she is now an executive producer on the show.

High Fidelity is primarily set in Rob's Brooklyn record store Championship Vinyl or her Crown Heights apartment, and it centres on her relationship with her ex-partner Mac, played by Moroccan-British actor Kingsley Ben-Adir.

Rob, who is obsessed with pop culture, uses music, movies, art, and literature to help her deal with her problems with the help of her staff Cherise (Randolph) and Simon (David Holmes).

This technique entails producing top five lists and speaking directly to the audience, allowing her to voice her concerns and discuss previous relationships.

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This frank and candid approach is exactly what made the film stand out, especially when mixed with Cusack's ferocity and humour, which let people overlook Gordon's self-centeredness and general badness.

High Fidelity Review: What Is It About?

Movie Rob promises to record the misbehaving teenagers that steal from his store; TV If her naughty teenagers ever make a record; Rob casually offers to sell it in her business.

High Fidelity Review

It's a less emotive, less intriguing alternative, one that the TV programme has taken on several occasions.

We understand that the protagonist is hesitant to commit, but her show appears to be as well.

It's still shallow after ten episodes – gorgeous, yes, with a glowy but never sweaty aesthetic, but vague.

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“High Fidelity's” wisdom, or lack thereof, asserts that what you enjoy is more important than what you are like.

High Fidelity Review: What Did the Characters Need?

Rob, on the other hand, says she only likes “good music” when asked about her preferences.

High Fidelity Review

Rob's obvious list of Top 5 villains (Hannibal Lecter, et al.) could have come from a middle-aged white bro rather than a 29-year-old biracial, bisexual funky Brooklynite.

David Bowie and Mexican food are both great, but neither signifies esoteric connoisseurship, and Rob's obvious list of Top 5 villains (Hannibal Lecter, et al.) could have come from

However, other characters in the programme, particularly Simon (David H. Holmes), Rob's employee and gay ex-boyfriend, demonstrate the show's uniqueness.

He gets his episode, in which he relives his Top 5 heartbreaks, and it's by far the most interesting and conflict-filled.

Cherise (Da'Vine Joy Randolph, who plays Jack Black) is Rob's second sidekick, and I wish she had her episode as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worthwhile to Watch High Fidelity?

It may take some time, but High Fidelity establishes its worth, even implying that there's much more tale to savour beyond Hornby's novel and film.

What Caused the Cancellation of High Fidelity?

High Fidelity had a cult following among viewers, however, the show was discontinued in August 2020 and never renewed.

In an interview with Elle, Kravitz claimed that Hulu had underestimated the cultural influence of High Fidelity and how much people adored it.

Is There an Actual Tale Behind High Fidelity?

In February 2020, Hulu released High Fidelity. The romantic comedy was based on Nick Hornby's same-titled novel from 1995.