Hermitcraft Season 9: How to Get Into Hermitcraft for the First Time?

Well, season 8's ending was pretty cool and different. Hermitcraft Season 8 just finished, and now millions of fans can't wait for Hermitcraft Season 9 to come out. Even if the Hermits said for sure that the next season would come, fans aren't ready to wait.

Hermit posted a similar video in which a big moon crashed into the server. The video ended with a note about the release of Hermitcraft season 9. And here's the answer to when season 9 of Hermitcraft will start.

Hermitcraft is a server that wasn't very popular with players or other consumers in the past, but now it's all the rage. As already said, it wasn't a well-known server, so many of us don't know about the previous seasons. So, in this article, we'll talk briefly about the Hermitcraft Server's history.

Hermitcraft Season 9

Also, for those who don't know, it's a server made by famous YouTubers, and on this server, all the hermits try to make their region the best. They joke around with each other, make teams, build their dream house, and do a lot more.

What is the History of the Server?

In 2012, Minecraft's popularity grew every day. Generikb started the SMP and invited his friends because he wanted them to have fun in his SMP. Then the first season of Hermitcraft began, with 30 Hermits.

Twenty-six of them played and made videos, but Sokar just played and didn't make videos. At the time, YouTube wasn't as big as it is now, so that these YouTubers couldn't make a living from it. Season 1 had a lot of problems, and YouTubers weren't sure if this server would work or not, but they didn't leave.

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And season 2 began, but Generikb wasn't there because he had left. Now that the server had grown, the only MumboJumbo joined the SMP in Season 3. So some YouTubers have left the server, and others have joined it.

Some popular YouTubers with many views joined the SMP, while others left. People started to like the SMP when Season 4 started, and Season 4 was going to be the hardest for the Hermits. Also, it was the shortest season ever.

Hermitcraft Season 9

Now that the series was getting more popular, the Hermits started to take it seriously. They became full-time YouTubers and began to pay for their families with the money they made there.

Because of this, the Hermitcraft series was a huge hit. Before Season 5, the show had trouble finding an audience, being creative, and other things that made it successful. But now the series has changed. In 2020, the lockdown started, and people began to watch this SMP more.

How to Get Into Hermitcraft for the First Time?

There are currently 26 Hermits making content on the Hermitcraft server. If you're new to it, or even if you're not, it can be a bit overwhelming. That could mean up to 26 new episodes every week, all with stories, locations, and builds that you'll feel like you need to know.

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Since different Hermits are constantly showing up in each other's videos, it won't take long for you to figure out what's going on in the bigger picture. But you can start small. Try watching their new episodes and going from there to figure out which one or two Hermits you like the most.