Henry Cavill Witcher 3: First Look At Henry Cavill

The last month of filming for Season 3 of The Witcher on Netflix is coming to a close, and the show will be done in the first half of September. Henry Cavill tested positive for COVID and had to miss two weeks of filming because of it. But now he's back, and we have even more to talk about.

Henry Cavill is Back on the Job

As we said earlier, after a short break, filming for the new season continued without Henry Cavill working on scenes he wasn't needed. That was mostly the Thanedd coup, which has a lot of players and a lot of locations where Geralt isn't seen.

Henry Cavill Witcher 3

Henry Cavill is back on set to keep filming The Witcher Season 3 after being in quarantine for about two weeks. Because Henry's scenes took longer to shoot, the end of filming was also pushed back. As we said last time, filming should be done by the beginning of September. In any case, everything is fine in Henry's land, which is the most important thing.

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Part Ii: Ciri in the Korath Desert

This week, director Bola Ogun, who is in charge of the last two episodes of the season, continued filming scenes of Ciri in the Korath Desert, but this time at Longcross Studios, on sets covered in sand and surrounded by green screen.

Most of these scenes were shot last month in the Sahara Desert, the real Frying Pan of Planet Earth. If you remember, we saw white horses there, which means the unicorn will still be there.

Henry Cavill Witcher 3

The fact that there are still scenes to be shot in the Korath desert after two weeks in Sahara shows that it will be a big part of the last two episodes of Season 3.

Elves Are Being Used to Film at Castle Bottom

This week, Bola Ogun also shot scenes outside the studio at the Castle Bottom national nature reserve in Surrey. It's another place where The Witcher can show how The Continent's forests look.

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Mecia Simson shared a picture of Francesca Findabair's boots in her trailer that day, so, likely, other elves were also in the scenes. After Thanedd, it looks like the elves will spend the last two episodes back in the woods.

In other news, Loni Peristere and Ryan Hayes (Artaud Terranova) were still in the studio this week filming Thanedd.

Henry Cavill Witcher 3

As for the elves, Mecia Simson's main co-star Tom Canton (Filavandrel), kept giving hints about what would happen in the next season of The Witcher with them. Season 3 of The Witcher won't be done until September 2022, and it won't come out until 2023.

After two weeks of reshoots, the live-action prequel The Witcher: Blood Origin is in post-production and is set to come out around Christmas 2022. Keep up with Redanian Intelligence, and stop by our Discord server if you want to talk about The Witcher.