Henry and Sam: Explanation of Character of The Last of Us!

Episode 4 of The Last of Us introduced us to plenty of new characters, and there are two pretty important ones among them – Sam and Henry. With her brother dead, the scary Kathleen is on the hunt for a mystery character named Henry in the most recent episode of the popular HBO program based on the game.

Clearly, she will stop at nothing to get what she wants, as seen by the fact that she ordered her followers to kill him and anyone who had collaborated with him, including her own doctor who refused to reveal Henry's whereabouts.

The only hints throughout the episode as to who Henry is and where he is with a group of children are the drawings they have left behind. Not until the fourth episode's shocking cliffhanger, in which a small kid and a teenager hold Joel and Ellie at gunpoint.

Who are Henry and Sam in The Last of Us?

Sam and Henry are brothers in The Last of Us video game series. Though they appear to be Joel and Ellie's enemies at first, they end up becoming their traveling companions as they cross a Cordyceps-infested America.

The relationship between Joel and Ellie is more like an adopted father and daughter, while Sam and Henry are actual siblings. They're originally from Connecticut, Hartford to be exact, but they had to leave once the military stopped guarding the city.

Henry and Sam

As part of a larger group of survivors, Sam and Henry planned to head west in the hopes of discovering and teaming up with the Fireflies. After a fight with hunters who ruled the area around Pittsburgh, Sam & Henry became separated from the rest of the gang as they journeyed across Pennsylvania.

It is in this deserted commercial district that they meet Joel and Ellie. Despite their initial animosity towards one another, Ellie and Sam are successful in convincing Joel and Henry to team up for their journey. While Joel and Henry become fast friends, they continue to be rivals for quite some time.

Henry's Survival Skills

With Edelstein's support, Henry and Sam have managed to stay alive for the time being. Henry assumes Edelstein has been arrested when he suddenly ceases showing up at their refuge. Apparently, a FEDRA member revealed to Kathleen that Edelstein had been working with Henry.

Kathleen grabs Edelstein and interrogates him in the hopes that he would reveal the whereabouts of Henry. Both Joel and Ellie show up on the same day, and that night they fight the resistance and end up killing some of Kathleen's people.

From the cover of the building, Henry watches the battle below. Though Kathleen's rage leads her to kill Edelstein, Henry sees Joel as his way out of town. Joel, in contrast to Henry, has war experience and is a fighter who has survived.

Henry plans to use Joel as muscle and escape the city via the tunnels, which may or may not contain sick people. Hearing that Henry is a collaborator, Joel says, “I don't work with traitors,” but Henry points to him that he has no choice but to work with Henry.

Sam's Passion for Art and Comic Books

While exploring the tunnels, Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam discover communities established after Outbreak Day. Ellie and Sam relax and get along well while playing in a classroom where they take a break.

Sam, as a child, is understandably alarmed by their current environment. Through ingenuity, he manages to succeed. His passion is art. For his first few days, he even drew and decorated an attic while his brother waited for Edelstein.

Sam and Ellie find a copy of their favorite comic, “The Savage Starlight,” in the library at school. The group discusses their shared enthusiasm for the comic and the many copies it has amassed.

Henry and Sam’s Deaths

The four of them (Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam) manage to get out of town. But what they don't realize is that Kathleen has a sniper waiting for them outside. As Joel eliminates the sniper, Kathleen and the resistance group appear on the scene.

Henry wants to turn himself in. The situation is salvaged by a horde of infected. When faced with the infected, the resistance is compelled to retreat. Later, Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam seek refuge at an abandoned motel.

Henry and Sam

As they travel to Wyoming, Joel begins to see Henry and Sam as decent individuals he can trust. Everyone, including Henry, is on board with going. A room is assigned to Sam and Ellie to sleep in. Sam has trouble sleeping for fear of becoming a monster.

While running from the resistance, he was bitten by an infected person, he tells Ellie. It's Ellie's intention to rescue Sam. She reassures him that her blood has healing properties. She slits her wrists and applies her blood to Sam's injury in the hopes that it will help.

The loss of Henry and Sam has altered Ellie. When Joel visits Sam's grave, he sees that she has set his writing board there with the words “I'M SORRY” carved into it.

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