Hello Kitty Murder! The Untold Story Of The Notorious Murder In Hong Kong

Hostess of a nightclub in Tsim Sha Tsui was kidnapped and tortured at an apartment in Hong Kong in 1999 after taking the wallet of one of her regular customers.

Three men and a girl kidnapped Fan Man-yee on March 17th, and he was tortured and killed a month later. A Hello Kitty doll containing her severed head served as both a symbol and a term for the crime.

It took the police a long time to believe a 14-year-old girl who claimed to be tormented by the spirit of a woman. They were appalled, however, when she revealed who the woman was.

A 14-year-old Hong Kong girl went to the police station in May 1999. After a few weeks, she informed police she had been haunted by the ghost of a lady who had been bound by electrical wire and tortured to death for the preceding few months.

The police dismissed her statements as nothing more than a figment of her imagination or a teenager's fantasy.


Fan Man-yee had a difficult upbringing and adolescence. Her family abandoned her as a child, so she was reared in an all-girls home. She had to leave the orphanage when she was 15 since they had an age limit.

In order to support himself, Fan Man-yee turned to drugs and eventually ended up on the streets. For the first two decades of her life, she was compelled to work in a brothel due to poverty.


Among the regular customers of Fan Man-brothel, yee's was Chan Man-Lok (), a 34-year-old heroin dealer, pimp, and Chinese mafia member. According to the rumors, he would seek her out for her services because she was his personal favorite.

His wallet, containing about 4,000 Hong Kong dollars, was stolen once by Fan Man-yee (roughly 500 USD). Knowing who the culprit was, Chan Man-Lok asked that the woman pay him 10,000 HKD in addition to returning his money. Despite the fact that Fan Man-yee returned the stolen money right away, she needed more time to obtain the additional fee.

One of the kidnappers was Chan Man-Lok, 34; the others were Leung Shing-Cho, 27, Leung Wai-Lun, 21, and Chan Man-grooming Lok's victim, Ah Fong, 14, all of whom were in their late teens at the time.


Tsim Sha Tsui No. 31 Granville Road was the location of her one-month detention. In the beginning, Man-Lok planned to exploit Fan Man-s*xual yee's prowess for financial gain by presenting her to strangers as a prostitute.


Fan-yee was raped and tortured while she was imprisoned. Chan Man-grooming lok's victim claims that she was beaten with metal bars, kitchen utensils, and furniture, sometimes while being hung and used as a punching bag.

When they kicked her head 50 times, Ah Fong got in on the action. There were many forms of torture used on her: they rubbed spices into her wounds, used hot candle wax, and hot plastic, raped her, forced her to eat human excrement, and forced her to say how much she enjoyed the beatings.

She was subjected to even more brutal treatment if she refused to say she enjoyed them. All of this culminated in a fatal case of post-traumatic stress disorder.


Fan-yee succumbed to her wounds after a month of incarceration and torture and died when her kidnappers were away.

There are conflicting reports on how long she died. She had been imprisoned in the bathroom when they got home and they discovered her dead corpse. Her severed body was then cooked.

The rest of her body was burned and stuffed into a Hello Kitty mermaid doll before being dumped. Skull and several internal organs were retrieved from the body.

Only after Chan's grooming victim, Ah Fong, brought authorities to the spot were Fan-bones yee's discovered.


As the jury determined that the remains were insufficient to prove whether Fan-yee was murdered or died of a drug overdose after a trial that lasted six weeks and four days, the three men were found guilty of manslaughter.

A life sentence would have been necessary if the jury had found the men intended to kill Fan Man-yee, a 23-year-old college student, but it was concluded she died as a result of their maltreatment. In exchange for immunity, Ah Fong testified in the trial.

“Never in Hong Kong in recent years has a court heard of such cruelty, depravity, callousness, brutality, violence, and viciousness,” said Justice Peter Nguyen, who sentenced the men to life in jail with the possibility of release.

The three members of a secret triad club were described as “remorseless” in psychiatric assessments. Since there would be no parole review for 20 years, that would be in 2020.