Confirmation Release Date By Starz of Heels Season 2

“Heels” has been one of the big surprises on TV this year. It was written by the head writer of “Loki,” Michael Waldron, and stars “Arrow” alum Stephen Amell and “Vikings” actor Alexander Ludwig as two brothers who work for their father's wrestling promotion in Georgia and deal with all the drama that comes along with it.

The show is set in Georgia. The show got a lot of good reviews from people who saw it. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 96 percent “Fresh” rating. A second season was quickly agreed upon.

It looks like Starz has found another hit show, along with shows like “Outlander” and “Power Book II: Ghost.” Who knows? This show might be nominated for an Emmy when the time comes next year. In October 2021, the last episode of Season 1 aired.

Since then, fans have been clamouring for more of the Spade family's story to be told. Everything we know so far about the second season of “Heels.”

Heels Season 2

Everyone in Heels Season 2

Amell and Ludwig, who played Jack and Ace Spade in the first season, will reprise their roles in Season 2. In the CW show “Arrow,” Amell played Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Ludwig has starred in movies and TV shows like “The Hunger Games,” “Bad Boys,” and “Vikings.” Staci Spade: Alison Luff will be back as Staci Spade, along with Mary McCormack as Willie Day, Kelli Berglund as Crystal Tyler, Allen Maldonado as Rooster Robbins, Roxton Garcia as Thomas Spade, and Chris Bauer as Wild Bill Hancock.

Trey Tucker and Robby Ramos, who play Bobby Pin and Diego Cottonmouth, have been moved up to the main cast, according to Deadline, which broke the news. In the second season of “Heels,” we might see more of them.

It's not clear if CM Punk, who played Ricky Rabies in Season 1, will be back, because he just came back from a long break in the ring after signing with All Elite Wrestling. This second season is also likely to bring new characters into the ring. It's not clear who they might be.

Heels Season 2's Story

The first season of “Heels” came to a close with Crystal becoming the DWL champion and Ace and Jack fighting each other. Jack and Staci's marriage is also at risk. This season seems to be mostly about Staci, as well as Jack's efforts to make up with both his brother and his wife. This is the first season. Even if Ace were to leave the DWL for a short time, the show would not be complete.

Heels Season 2

According to Deadline, Mike O'Malley, the showrunner and executive producer, will be back for the second season of the show. As the promoter of Florida Wrestling Dystopia, Charlie Gully, he will also be there again in the same role. Michael Waldron, the show's creator, writer, and executive producer, will also be back. He will be working for Marvel Studios and LucasFilm at the same time.

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When will the Second Season of Heels Come Out?

Season 1 of “Heels” was on Starz August 15, 2021. The first season has eight episodes that last between 57 and 62 minutes. There were new episodes released every week until October 10, 2021, when the show came to an end.

So, how did season 2 go? This is what we know. ‘Heels' is doing well on Starz, but it's not clear if it will get a second season.

There hasn't been a formal announcement that the show will be back, but it looks like it will. There's no doubt that the show's action-packed premise can grow, and the stars of Arrow and Vikings are likely to draw in more fans.

Besides that, the show's creative team wants to work together on a second season. Waldron himself said that talks for a second season are already taking place.

Amell and Ludwig put a lot of time and effort into their roles, from bodybuilding to wrestling. People say this was the most difficult workout plan they've ever seen.

They spent a lot of time and money to build us a great gym, Ludwig said. It makes sense to think that the show can and must go on for more than one season because of all the planning and work that has gone into it. Surely, Starz will see how great it is.

There are a lot of people on the show who think that season 2 is a very good idea. “I don't think this show will end after these eight episodes.”

Kelli Berglund, who plays Crystal, said that she thinks a lot of stories have the chance to grow and become very interesting. No, I will not. I would love to come back for a second season.

Heels Season 2

So, keep your fingers crossed for a renewal announcement soon! If the show is renewed, we can expect the second season of “Heels” to start in Q2 2022.

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A second season of Heels is still a long way off. Until then, you can watch the first season on Sling TV, Starz and Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Google Play Music. This TV show got 8.1 out of 10 stars from IMDB and 96 out of 100 stars from Rotten Tomatoes.

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