Heartstopper Review: Trailer | Is Heartstopper OK For Kids?

Heartstopper Review: Heartstopper (Netflix) may not live up to its title's dramatic promise, but this endearing young romance is certainly a heartwarmer.

It follows 14-year-old Charlie as he develops a crush on popular rugby player Nick; when they bond over whether it is suitable or not to complete their homework on the way to maths; it is adapted by writer Alice Oseman from her graphic novel series of the same name.

It's unmistakably pleasant and wholesome, and at the end of its quick eight episodes; you'll feel like you've been given a hearty hug.

Charlie is already out of school and has been bullied as a result, but he appears to have found a supportive buddy group who appreciate their movie nights and exchange a lot of DMs.

(There's a lot of on-screen messaging in this, and it's tensely effective to see folks type, delete; redo, and re-delete their responses.)

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Ben, Charlie's secret sort-of boyfriend, meets up with him in the library during recess but picks on him when no one else is present.

Heartstopper Review: Why Is Heartstopper So Good?

It's a basic subject that feels relevant in today's context, and the young performers convey it beautifully.

Heartstopper Review

“Heartstopper,” one of the best teen series Netflix has ever offered, is brought to life onscreen with the help of sketches and doodles from graphic novels.

Nick comes to his rescue when Ben advances from treating him coldly to acquiring a girlfriend and then disparaging him when they're together, and their relationship slowly evolves into something more.

It's very nice. With periods of animation, it pays homage to its origins as a visual novel, especially when emotions are running high.

Hands are almost touching; between them, cartoon lightning crackles.

Hearts form in the air as Charlie's buddy Elle wonders if she has a love for their other friend, Tao.

It looks like Hollyoaks with a twist of art school. There are some minor squabbles among Charlie's pals, but the focus is primarily on Charlie and Nick.

Except for a parent and Stephen Fry, who appears as the headteacher shouting over the Tannoy, the adults are virtually non-existent.

Heartstopper Review: Is Heartstopper Appropriate?

Age rating: heart-stopper

Heartstopper is a TV-14 film. That indicates it might not be appropriate for children under the age of 14.

Heartstopper Review

I'm not sure who the target demographic is. It feels like it's geared towards a younger audience, and if adolescents are watching Euphoria now, then it's a flashback to the Byker Grove/Grange Hill days.

There are double dates, milkshakes, and plenty of heartfelt hugs.

It also has a contemporary sophistication; thanks to its emotionally articulate protagonists; who have a fairly mature understanding of sexuality as a continuum.

An examination of bisexuality, for example, is handled with care; though it helps that Olivia Colman plays the patient mother; a position she excels at.

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Charlie joins the rugby team in part to follow his crush on Nick, but also to fight the notion that he won't be any good because he is a certain type of gay male.

Heartstopper Trailer

‘Heartstopper': Why You Should Watch This

Some TV shows are so beautiful, joyful, and wonderful that just thinking about them brings a grin to your face. One of these is Netflix's “Heartstopper.”

Heartstopper Review

“Heartstopper;” a delightfully amusing half-hour series about Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor); two British teen boys who fall madly in love over a school year; is based on the graphic novel by Alice Oseman, who also wrote the show.

The young performers convey a basic subject that feels essential in today's context.

“Heartstopper” is one of the best teen programs Netflix has ever offered, brought to life onscreen with the help of sketches and doodles from graphic novels.

It's hard not to fall in love with it because it's a complete distillation of bliss.

Charlie Spring is his school's lone-out gay child at the start of “Heartstopper,” hooking up in secret with closeted Ben (Sebastian Croft) and recuperating from a harrowing year of bullying after being outed against his will.

He has poor self-esteem and even lower self-worth, and he quickly falls in love with his new homeroom seatmate; Nick Nelson; a straight; popular rugby team member with whom he seemingly has nothing in common.

Heartstopper Review: Is Heartstopper OK For Kids?

As Nick discovers he's bisexual and the couple navigates dating within the difficult dynamics of high school hierarchy; what starts as an unrequited crush quickly grows into friendship and affection.

Charlie's friends Tao (William Gao) and Elle (Yasmin Finney) are also featured in the series, and they are both struggling with major life changes.

Elle is transsexual, and she recently transferred from Charlie and Tao's boys' school to the sister girls' school; where she is having difficulty fitting in.

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Tao is so protective of Charlie and Elle that he pushes Nick away and is completely unaware of Elle's emotions for him.

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