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Heartstopper Ending Explained: Does Nick Come Out as Bisexual?

Netflix's newest original is ready to make your heart swoon.

Based on the Alice Oseman graphic books of the same name, Heartstopper follows the story of two friends who begin to fall in love over a few months. An ideal mix of cartoonish high school irritations and real-world feelings.

Like us, you've been binge-watching this incredible love story non-stop. There are numerous animated doodles throughout the series that discreetly appear when a situation is at its most dramatic. We mean what we say when we say “cartoonish.”

The conclusion of Heartstopper Season 1 is here for your convenience.

Does Tao forgive Charlie?

Buddies are always telling their friends about their new partnerships. Joe Locke (Charlie) breached this norm by not telling Tao (William Gao) he was seeing Nick (the other woman) (Kit Connor).

Tao's faith in Charlie was shaken when he discovered that Charlie had been avoiding his buddies to spend time with Nick. He questioned whether or not they were buddies in a melancholy Instagram direct message.

Tao's words indeed lacked subtlety. Charlie, on the other hand, is a tender guardian angel. Charlie volunteered to run a race in Tao's stead on Year 10's field day as an act of restitution. It started working right away, with no problems at all.

Both Charlie and Tao have apologized for not informing Tao sooner about Nick, so this friendship triangle is back to normal.


Elle and Tao's Relationship: What's the Story?

Let's talk about Elle now that Tao and Charlie are officially excellent (Yasmin Finney). Bit by bit, Elle started to open out about her crush on Tao. Episode 8 included a brief exchange in which they seemed to be on the same page…

Elle informed Tao she had something to tell him after they snuck away to an empty classroom. Elle backed out of the kiss at the last second. When she saw him wearing the opposing team's colors, she made fun of him for it. The guy was clearly into it!

What Happens to Darcy and Tara at the End?

Unlike previous episodes, this one didn't focus much on Tara and Darcy (Corinna Brown) (Kizzy Edgell). Elle returned to the school that had bullied her to the point of transferring because of their support. But it doesn't mean that their relationship didn't change during this season's episode.

Tara and Darcy were secretly together at the start of Heartstopper. During the sixth episode, Tara made their relationship socially official, resulting in many backlashes. Everything seemed to be going well with this couple by the end of Season 1. Tara is thrilled to be out and to be able to publicly refer to Darcy as her girlfriend, despite the hostility.

Do Charlie and Nick Get Back Together?

Because this is a teen rom-com, it's only natural that they reconcile. Charles decided to stop things, believing that his actions were making Nick's situation worse. But Nick didn't make his vast romantic gesture to win his boyfriend back until field day.

Nick rushed over to Charlie during the rugby match. Following his introduction to the school, Nick explained what he planned to do. I know that people have wounded you, and you feel like I would be better off without you,” Nick tells Charlie. “However, I must tell you that my life has improved greatly since meeting you.”

Isn't that precisely what you meant? That, my friends, is romance. Nick takes Charlie to the beach after Charlie accepts Nick's proposal to reunite.

Does Nick Come Out as Bisexual?

During their day at the beach, Nick expresses to Charlie his desire to be transparent about their relationship with the individuals who are essential in their lives. This is followed by a scene in which Nick informs his mother (Olivia Colman) that he is bisexual. Colman delivers the news to Nick after a few jokes and some excellent expressions acting on her side. She is taken with him. This was the significant mic drop of Season 1.

In the final scene, Heartstopper's last moments are also set on a beach. Charlie, lying on Nick's chest, gently inquires, “Now we're going to inform the rest of the world?”

“Yeah,” Nick responds, a smile on his face. If that isn't a crystal-clear premise for Season 2, we don't know what is.

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