He holds the Inter Bahia after being eliminated and won first in the Brazilian National

In the first game when Miguel Angel Ramரrez left, Inter did the most important thing this Sunday night: they beat Bahia in Pittsburgh, Salvador. But without suffering, for the third game in a row, a defender was sent. Even so, he secured a score of 1 to 0 and his first win in Brazil.

The only goal of the game was scored in the first half. Adenilson suffered a controversial sentence, and he was classified to define Colorado victory. Lucas Ribeiro hit Rossi and received a red card, 11th in the Inter-season.

On Wednesday, he returns to the Interfield to face Atletico-MG at 19 p.m. The match, valid for the fourth round of the Brasilero, takes place in Beira-Rio.

Benefit after controversial attempt

In the first game of the Miguel Engel Rameres era, medieval Osmer Los sent a modified team into the field. And changes started on the pages. On the right, the chosen one is Hector. On the left, played by Leo Borges. On target, Daniel was in position. Again, the attack was created by duo Diego Calhardo and Yuri Alberto.

Although he began to control the game, little by little Bahia began to explore the pages of the Inter. Heater and Leo Borges had difficulties, suffering from intrusions behind them.

In the attack, he was also injured. One of the plays that marked this was in 20 minutes. Tyson, who was very clear and motivated at the start, dominated and went down at medium speed, even signaling the demand to overtake on the left. No one followed, the play was in vain.

Dyson created the play using Bahia's error, which eventually led to the opening of the scoreboard. He found a good pass to Adenilson through the middle, he occupied the area and got in touch with the goalkeeper. The arbitrator identified a fine, Bahia complained, not calling the VAR. The same shirt 8, with type, kicked Matthias Dexira in the left corner and highlighted Inter in half.

But this is only thanks to goalkeeper Daniel who eventually saved. Gilberto got off to a good start, advanced and submitted strongly from the left. The goalkeeper opened his arms and dived to avoid Bahia's balance on the last move of the first half.

Inter again suffers from expulsion

At the start of the second half, Inter found a rule of thumb. After a set piece in the opposite area, Lucas Ribeiro hit the back of Rosie's head with his hand. The referee awarded a direct red card, sending a third defender in a row to Inter (previously sent twice by Point Henry). There are 11 red cards this season.

To try to fix the defensive system, it was Diego Calhardo who was chosen to sacrifice by the loss of Osmer. In his place, already competing Sue Gabriel entered.

With more space, the game was more open. Despite Inter being one of the few, it was Colorado who created the first chance after being eliminated. Tyson, again in the pace game, eliminated Yuri Alberto. The striker went in front of the goal and if it had not been for the important intervention of Matthias Dexira, he would have increased the advantage if he had bravely stepped out at the striker’s feet.

After that, the speed slowed down. Bahia also tried to try themselves in the attack, allowing Inter to counter-attack, especially with Patrick on the left, and Adenilson was pulled back into the wing. So, without taking too many risks even with one risk, Inter were able to get their first win at the 2021 Brazilian Championship.

Brazil Championship – 3rd round

பஹியா 0

Matthias Dexira; Renan Quetz, Kandy, Juninho and Matthias Bahia; Patrick, Daniel, Tasiano, Rodriguez and Rosie; Gilberto. Technician: Kevalkanthi Data

Intermediate 1

Daniel; Hector, Lucas Ribeiro, Costa and Leo Borges; Johnny, Adenilson, Patrick and Tyson; Yuri Alberto and Diego Calhardo. Technician: Osmer Loss

Goals: Adenilson (30/1D)

Yellow cards: Matthias Dexira, Renan Goodes (Bahia); Tyson (Inter)

Red cards: Lucas Ribeiro (Inter)

Referee: Wagner Nacimento Magalhees

Local: Bidua Stadium (PA) in Salvador

Date and time: 13/06, 8:30 p.m.