Clouds Movie Will Make You Cry

Clouds, which debuted on Disney+ on Friday, is the type of film that will make even the most adamant viewers cry. Clouds, directed by Jane the Virgin's Justin Baldoni, is based on the actual tale of Zach Sobiech, a Minnesota youngster who was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 14. Clouds is based on Zach Sobiech's genuine tale. Sobiech was born and raised in Lakeland, Minnesota, and was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive bone tumour, when he was 14 years old. In 2013, he died of cancer complications just over a week after his 18th birthday. However, he left a legacy that has touched millions of people—a message of hope and inspiration delivered via the medium of music.

What Do You Know About Clouds Movie?

Zach Sobiech delivers an acoustic rendition of “Sexy and I Know It” to an amused crowd at his school's talent event in the fall of 2012. Zach has been battling osteosarcoma and has been having therapy on a daily basis. Sammy Brown, his best buddy, conspires with him by assisting him in the composition of music (“Blueberries”).

Zach is able to ask fellow student Amy Adamle out for a picnic, but before he can do so, he has a coughing episode that his mother, Laura, is concerned about and sends him to the hospital. He has a collapsed lung, and he need emergent surgery. While they work on his lung, they discover that the therapies are no longer working and that his cancer has progressed to the point that he only has six to ten months to live. Zach tells Sammy and Amy about his condition, while his instructor, Milton Weaver, inspires him to figure out what he wants to accomplish with the rest of his life.

Zach and his family travel to Lourdes, France, in the winter of 2012, in Laura's desperate attempt to have Zach experience a miracle. When Zach gets home to see Sammy (“Coffee Cup”), he discovers that she has purchased tickets to a Jason Mraz performance. Zach takes advantage of the situation to ask Amy to prom, and she accepts.

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Zach rushes to Sammy's residence in the middle of the night after experiencing convulsions and demands that they join a band. Both recognise that they have love feelings for one another yet are unable to establish a genuine relationship. They continue to bond via songwriting (“Fix Me Up”), and Sammy famously uploads their songs to YouTube. Despite this, Zach is confident that he will fall short of his goal of making a video. Mr. Weaver subsequently gives him encouragement.

Rob, Zach's father, lends him a Nissan GT-R to drive and impress Amy with. While at her place, the two make out (“My Little Dancer”), but when Amy remarks on his scars, Zach becomes sad and tells her that he will never be able to give her what she wants and breaks up with her. Laura confronts Rob about his choice to acquire Zach a vehicle, and he breaks down, revealing that he did it to make his son happy since he is powerless to prevent Zach's death.

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What is so sad about Clouds movie?

Clouds is a touching film based on the actual tale of Zach Sobiech and his cancer fight. This film is based on Zach Sobiech's cancer fight and the song “Clouds,” which he left behind for everybody to enjoy. He also accomplished a lot more, such as establishing a fund for children with cancer. The film will At Least 100 Times  Make You Cry.

It will change your perspective on life. “You don't have to find out you're dying to start living,” says one of the movie's quotations. The film examines life and how to value each and every day and minute you have on this planet, because the following day is never promised. It's a sad film, but it's also full of bittersweet, heartfelt, and tear-jerking moments.

Wrapping Up

The film has a 76 percent approval rating on review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, based on 25 reviews with an average rating of 6.60/10. “Although its emotional swings occasionally miss, Clouds soars higher than most young adult films — and showed director Justin Baldoni's ability behind the camera,” the website's reviewers consensus states. Based on 7 reviewers, Metacritic gave the film a weighted average score of 55 out of 100, indicating “mixed or mediocre reviews.”