Have you Seen Welcome to Plathville Season 3?

With the conclusion of Season 3 of ‘Welcome To Plathville,' viewers were taken on an emotional rollercoaster, just like the Plaths themselves. A lot seems to have happened between the Plaths, from old fights returning to fresh beginnings, leaving the all-important issue of what comes next.

Ethan created a no-contact rule with his parents and bid farewell to his younger siblings who still remained at home in the season 2 finale. Ethan and Olivia have maintained their distance from Kim and Barry in the period since the acrimonious episode was shot.

A Gist About Welcome to Plathville Season

Welcome To Plathville, TLC's latest popular series, follows the network's tried-and-true recipe for must-see television. TLC's reality series on relationships (90 Day Fiancé) and families (Little People Big World) tell true tales that captivate viewers. TLC's Welcome to Plathville has just begun its second season, and it's already difficult to turn away once you've tuned in.

The narrative of Kim and Barry Plath, who are raising their nine (!) children in rural Georgia to keep them safe from the modern world, is told in Welcome to Plathville. According to TLC, the youngsters “have never had a Coke, don't know who Spiderman or Tom Brady are, and have never seen TV.”

The Plaths' unconventional parenting choices try to foster traditional values and ideals in their children. What could possibly go wrong with nine children nurtured in a very rigorous, regulated environment?

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Why Ethan Plath cut off his parents

Ethan Plath, the oldest Plath kid, and his wife Olivia have been married for two years and are definitely in love, but they had a difficult year in 2020. Ethan and Olivia discuss how their lives have altered in a Welcome to Plathville teaser. The most notable difference is that they have cut all ties with Kim and Barry Plath. Breaking up with Ethan's parents was a big move, but the young couple felt it was essential.

One painful side effect of the couple's decision to cut off touch is that Ethan's younger siblings have been cut off as well. In the teaser, Ethan explained: “It's excruciatingly painful not to be able to see them. That's quite difficult, and it's extremely annoying. I'm attempting to deal with a number of frustrations, such as why am I not permitted to visit my siblings unsupervised?”

Because the elder Plaths disapproved of Olivia, the couple was compelled to discontinue ties with Kim and Barry. Ethan said that his parents “could not accept” his wife in an interview with AccessOnline, while Olivia claimed that divorce was “certainly on the table” at one time. It's encouraging to see Ethan and Olivia's marriage improving, but it's too bad they can't see their children. To learn more about Welcome to Plathville, keep reading.

How Welcome to Plathville Season 3 Ended?

Our couples Ethan and Oliva,Max and Moriah and Kim and Barry, play a fun game that uncovers some inside jokes, treasured memories, and, ultimately, the simple things that keep their relationships fresh. Even though their memories differ significantly, our married couples share anecdotes about their proposals. Max and Moriah reminisce about their hard start and how they were able to discover one other in the face of adversity. Ethan and Olivia had a good chuckle over personal concerns.

When it comes to what is fashionable and appealing, all of the Plaths have an opinion. From “if you've got it, flaunt it” to “comfort surpasses everything,” the family has it all. They can all agree, at the very least, that a nice grin goes a long way. Micah and Moriah reveal their unique techniques for boosting their self-esteem before a date night. They demonstrate hair-care procedures, Moriah demonstrates how to apply flirtatious makeup, and Micah demonstrates how he flaunts his muscles.

It's the Plaths' date night! Ethan and Olivia recall carefree times that felt like they came straight out of a movie. Despite their desire for romantic spontaneity, Max and Moriah find it difficult to shed old routines. Micah and Lydia are willing to try anything.

Romantic presents may be anything from significant to bizarre. Ethan and Olivia are looking forward to receiving handmade love letters in the mail. Max is a master at personalising gifts, and he puts a unique touch on a dozen flowers for Moriah.

When it comes to music, preferences might shift and alter at any time. There are times when no music is required, and other times when a good old Elvis song is all that is required. When you're in love, every song might bring up memories of your spouse in some manner.

Wrapping Up

Welcome to Plathville is a documentary that takes a look into the life of the Plath family, a conservative family from rural Georgia. Kim and Barry are fostering traditional values and ideals in the Plath children while mainly avoiding technology in today's digital society.