Have You seen 90 Day Fiancé the Other Way Season 3 yet?

With the third season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way now in its sixth week, it's time to catch up on the latest cast member news. Most of the couples on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-steamy off's storylines are just getting started. Sumit Singh's mother will move in with him and Jenny Slatten, while Evelin Villegas' marriage to Corey Rathgeber will be called into doubt by the other Jenny. Ariela Weinberg and Biniyan Shibre are still a couple, according to fans, despite baby Avi's surgery.

90 Day Fiancé is a TLC reality show that follows couples who have sought for or acquired a K-1 visa, which is only granted to foreign fiancés of American citizens, and thus have 90 days to marry. The show aired on January 12, 2014, and has been renewed for a ninth season, which will premiere on December 6, 2020.

What is 90 Day Fiancé the Other Way Season 3

Kenny took a road trip from Florida to Mexico to live with Armando last season. They overcame cultural divides, parental permission, and even difficulties obtaining their marriage certificate, but they made it. The grooms are concerned that Armando's family will not attend or support them on their wedding day, which is fast approaching. Meanwhile, the couple considers the future and considers having another kid, which sparks a disagreement about when, how, and if they should do it at all.

Episode 1

Ellie is selling everything she owns in order to start a new life in Providencia with Victor. Evelin is being kept in the dark by Corey. Sumit seeks advice from an astrologer for Jenny. Ari welcomes an unwanted visitor. Steven is afraid to reveal the truth about his background to Alina.

Episode 2

Ellie has some unexpected news to share with her pals. Ari's ex-husband has a strong presence. Steven resigns from his work, and Alina prepares to relocate. Kenny and Armando are finally beginning to arrange their wedding. Jenny's only alternative is to remain in India.

Episode 3

Ellie travels to Colombia without a set itinerary. Jenny is hoping to find out more information from the Hare Krishnas. Kenny has been harbouring a secret for a long time. Ari's ex-husband is confronted by Bini. Evelin detonates a bomb in the direction of her sisters. Alina intends to put Steven's loyalty to the test.

Episode 4

Evelin's sisters are furious with Corey. The reunion of Alina and Steven is less than ideal. Ellie receives a call that she does not expect. Armando is on a quest to inform his family of some significant news. Ari discovers that Bini's sisters are still suspicious of her. Jenny is pleading with Sumit to take action.

90 Day Fiancé

Episode 5

Armando is dealing with adversity. Ellie is horrified by the destruction of her new home. Steven has second thoughts about rescheduling the wedding. Corey reveals a number of secrets. Bini brings Ari to a sacred place. Sumit announces his engagement to his family.

Episode 6

Ellie agrees to stay and assist Victor in the reconstruction of their home. Steven tells the truth about his past relationships. Ari and Bini get some bad news. To deal with his parents, Jenny and Sumit seek outside assistance. Kenny and Armando bid Armando's family farewell.

Episode 7

Jenny is taken aback when Sumit's mother makes an unexpected proposition. After Steven's revelation, Alina reconsiders everything. Corey tells Evelin about his relationship with Jenny for the first time. Armando and Kenny get some amazing news. Ari and Avi are on their way to the United States.

Episode 8

Alina's mother wishes for her to return to Russia. Armando's request catches Kenny off guard. Sumit's parents have moved in with him. Ari has doubts about her decision to return to the United States. Victor's affair is brought up by Ellie. Evelin informs Corey that she wishes to divorce him.

Episode 9

Jenny is taken aback by Sumit's admission. Steven's falsehoods are exposed by Alina. Ari begins to doubt Bini's dedication. Kenny suffers from homesickness and misses his children. Evelin finds more secrets as Corey battles for Evelin's affection.

Episode 10

Steven and Alina have reached a critical juncture in their relationship. Kenny's wedding dream is rejected. Ellie and Victor's relationship is strained. Jenny is put to the test by Sumit's parents. Bini is given a final deadline by Ari. Corey and Evelin try to mend their broken relationship.


Wrapping Up

For a variety of reasons, this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has been panned. Fans have been annoyed by the show's repetitive stories, unpopular couples, and frustrating settings, yet many have begun to see how the producers stage the show. Fans may gravitate to other reality shows if the brand continues to deliver these unbelievable occurrences.