Hanna Rosin Net Worth: What Happened After She Writes Criticising Tweet?

Hanna Rosin Net Worth: Israeli-born American author Hanna Rosin. She's NYMag's audio editor. She co-hosted NPR's Invisibilia with Alix Spiegel.

She co-founded DoubleX, a women's site and podcast tied to Slate.

Hanna Rosin, an Israeli-American author. Audio editor for NYMag. They co-hosted NPR's Invisibilia.

DoubleX is a Slate-affiliated women's website and podcast.

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She's a 51-year-old writer.

Hanna Rosin Height & Weight

Hanna Rosin's height, 51, is not available. Rosin's height, weight, body measurements, eyes, hair color, shoe size, and dress size will be updated shortly.

Who Is Hanna Rosin's Husband?

David Plotz

Hanna Rosin's Net Worth

In the years 2020-2021, her net worth increased dramatically.

Hanna Rosin Net Worth

So, what is Hanna Rosin's net worth at 51 years old? Hanna Rosin makes the most of her money as a successful writer.

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She was born in Israel. Hanna Rosin's net worth, money, salary, income, and assets have all been calculated.

Writing Career

She has previously specialized in writing about religious-political problems, particularly the impact of evangelical Christians on the 2004 presidential election in the United States.

God's Harvard: A Christian College on a Mission to Save America, published in September 2007, is her first book.

Hanna Rosin Net Worth

The novel follows numerous young Christians at Patrick Henry College, a new evangelical college that trains its students to “guide nation and influence society,” based on a New Yorker story.

Rosin has written for The Washington Post, The New Yorker, GQ, New York, and The New Republic, among other publications.

God's Harvard (2007) and The End of Men: And the Rise of Women (2009) are two of her books (2012).

She wrote a contentious essay in The Atlantic in 2009 called “The Case Against Breast-Feeding,” in which she questioned whether present social demands to breastfeed were appropriate and whether the data supporting the practice was clear.

Rosin was nominated for a National Magazine Award in 2009 for her story “Boy's Life,” about a young transsexual girl.

She got the award in 2010 for her contribution to a bundle of circumcision-related stories in New York magazine.

Her work has appeared in the Best American Magazine Writing 2009 and Best American Crime Reporting 2009 anthologies.

The End of Men, based on Rosin's Atlantic story from 2010, has been published as a book. In 2010, she gave a TED talk on the issue.

She describes the advent of women as a major force in the American workplace in her book.

For Rosin, the changing economy has enabled women to excel by utilizing their most stereotypically gendered strengths.

Following the death of children's author Jan Berenstain on February 27, 2012, Rosin published an article in which she criticized the Berenstain Bears series of books and said “good riddance” to the beloved children's author.

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Rosin apologized after receiving backlash for her usage of the words “good riddance.”

Hanna Rosin Apologises for ‘Thoughtless' ‘Fire Island' Tweets

Thanks to a now-famous tweet, writer Hanna Rosin has come under fire for her criticism of the Hulu film “Fire Island.”

Hanna Rosin Net Worth

The film “Fire Island,” starring Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, and Margaret Cho, is about a group of queer best friends who go on vacation to Fire Island Pines, a gay-friendly hamlet in New York.

On Twitter on Monday, Rosin, author and editorial director for audio at New York Magazine, criticized the film's female portrayal, stating that the LGBTQ rom-com “gets an F- on the Bechdel test in a new way.”

“Do we just overlook the dreary lesbian clichés because there are so many attractive gay Asian boys?”

Is this retaliation for the gay boy's closest friend's years of harassment?” In the now-deleted tweet, Rosin wrote:

“A set of criteria used as a test to evaluate a work of fiction, such as a film, based on its inclusion and representation of female characters,” according to the Bechdel test.

Twitter users swiftly retweeted Rosin's remark, expressing their disagreement with her assessment of the film.

“You don't have to tweet everything you're thinking,” says the author. Esther Tseng, a writer, responded.

“Instead, consider how you center yourself in situations where you feel entitled and how you might improve as a person.”

Simon Curtis, a gay actor, and singer-songwriter called Rosin's tweet “egregiously harsh” and “out of touch.”

“How do you suppose a gay Asian ‘boy' in the United States feels about having never seen himself in a film?” Curtis penned the piece.

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“Are you that self-absorbed, that unable of stepping outside of yourself for a second, that you can't see that it's not *supposed* to be about you?”