Guilherme Arana of Atligo has been summoned to compete in the Olympics

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Left back William Arana, Do Athletes, Was summoned by coach Andre Jordin this Thursday morning Olympic Brazil team In the controversy of Tokyo Olympic Games. Only the 24-year-old was in an invited position.

Celio will leave for Qatar on July 8. Six days later, it leaves for Tokyo. The Olympic Games will take place from July 22 to August 8. If Atletico release the player, Arana will cheat the team in seven games.
Will be sidelined in two matches against the team Boca Juniors, To the final round Liberators Cup. He will cheat Rooster between the 11th and 15th rounds of the Brazil Championship. As a result, he lost to the United States, Corinthians, Bahia, Atletico-PR and Juventus.

The player will be able to defend Atligo in the game against Flamenco on August 8th. This is because athletes working in Brazil will travel after the 10th round.

At a press conference after Wednesday's 1-0 win over the International team, the coach Head He emphasized that the decision was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

“Going to the Olympics is no longer my profession. Of the group. From Rodrigo Cetano, he commands football. Run away from my wing. If I have a strong team with me, I will always like it. But I can’t snatch the player of a dream he can see. Suddenly he said, ‘B, Professor, will you not leave me?' So let’s talk about everything. Surroundings should be done. Suddenly, you have a need, and the CFF staff will understand. They have common sense. But now we are talking about it, ”he explained.

Required by the statement Supersports, Football director Rodrigo Citano said, ‘Nothing has been decided yet.' However, the absence of Todd is an immediate replacement for Arana, who Left with pain in match against International, Can weigh the decision of the committee.

On the call, coach Andr Jordin praised Arana's attacking progress. “He is going through a spectacular phase, he was the best full-timer at the last Brazilian Championship, with a great resourcefulness, defensively and offensively. His big message at the last championship was, he scored goals, gave assists, he even scored a goal on our last call. I talk to Franco a lot. , With his approval on the left back, he really meets the Brazilian national team. Arana fills our eyes with us at the club and here. ”

Complete start to the left with Coach Guga. He has played in 16 games and scored three goals this season. Arana celebrated the summons, saying it was a historic moment for him.

Kuka to the right from Atligo was on the front list of 50 names. However, the player lost his place to Daniel Alves of Cho Paulo and Gabriel Menino of Palmeras and dropped out of the final call.

Produced and summoned

Of the three men over the age of 24 who coordinate the team, the coach chose Daniel Alves, in addition to Athlete-PR goalkeeper Santos and Sevilla defender Diego Carlos. Neymar was dropped from the squad after the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) veto.

“We worked with a lot of scenes from the beginning. A lot of players are seniors and on the main team, especially those who started this process with us. These are tough negotiations with clubs, especially in Europe. This includes holidays, two matches. We try to avoid whoever was in both matches, good with clubs. There is a feeling, “said Jordin.

The leader of Group D, Brazil is competing with Germany, C டிte d'Ivoire and Arabia. The premiere takes place on July 22 in Yokohama in front of the Germans. Three days later, Brazil returns to the field to face the Ivory Coast in Yokohama, and on the 28th conclude their group stage against Saudi Arabia in Saitama.

In the last two friendly productions for the games, the selection got a setback and a win. In the first Test, the team was defeated 2-1 by the Cape Verde national team. In the second match, the team led by Andr Jordin defeated Serbia 3-0.

Check out the Olympic team list:

Goalkeepers: Brenno (Grmio), Santos (Athlete-PR);

Defenders: Diego Carlos (Sevilla-ESP), Gabriel Magalhes (Arsenal-ING), Nino (Fluminence);

Pages: Gilherm Arana (Atletico), Daniel Alves (So Palo), Gabriel Menino (Palmeras);

Socks: Bruno Guimaraes (Lyon), Douglas Luis (Aston Villa-ING), Gerson (Flemish), Matthias Henrik (Crimeo), Gladinho (RP Bracandino);

Attackers: Anthony (Ajax-HOL), Malcolm (Zenit-RUS), Matthias Cunha (Herta Berlin-ALE), Paulinho (Bayer Leverkusen-ALE) and Point Pedro (Flemish).

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