Guide to Sports Betting in Washington

Washington is home to some major sports leagues, birthing some of the most elite sports teams in North America, dating all the way back to the 80s. If you’re in the region of Washington and are looking to place some bets on these world-renowned teams- this is the guide for you.

How Sports Betting In Washington Works

The first thing you need to know is for the time being you can only place your bets in person. Sports betting has only been legal in Washington since 2020 at a limited number of tribal casinos. There are around 16 tribal casinos at which you can bet on any one of your favorite sports, including esports.

You will need to go to one of the tribal casinos with a sportsbook in hand. You can bet using your electronic device if you are present in any one of the gaming facilities but that’s the only place you can do so. Considering the size of Washington, it might still be a little challenging to access one of these casinos. For some, turning to offshore sportsbooks is a way to bet on sports outside of these tribal casinos but it has not been legalized as of yet.

What Sports Can You Bet on in Washington?

There is a very colorful array of markets available for sportsbooks in DC. Your options range from major sports leagues like the NFL and NBA. You can also bet on soccer, tennis, golf, motorsports, basketball, and even Esports. Betting on college sports is also an option in Washington, as long as it does not involve schools from Washington State. Most betting sites for Washington state provide you with several sports to bet on, as well as prop and parlay bets. These let you bet on more than just which team will win. Many sports betting sites also let you bet on horse races.

Can I Bet on Daily Fantasy Sports?

The unfortunate answer to that question is no. For the time being, Daily Fantasy Sports are not legal in the state of Washington. This law is applicable to people within tribal casinos too. Washington is one of 5 states that has never legalized fantasy sports, despite previous attempts to legalize it back in 2019.

Is Online Betting Legal in Washington?

The 16 tribal casinos found in Washington are all undergoing the process of broadening their sportsbook library. Thankfully there's a vast number of offshore casinos one can use. One of our trusted and reliable sources of information has listed its top 10 best Washington online sportsbooks where you can read all about the legality of sports betting in Washington as well as find the right sportsbook.

Sportsbetting has quite a short legal history in the state of Washington. Back in June 2021, the gaming agreement was renegotiated with 16 tribes. A couple of months later, the Department of Interior approved the modified gaming compacts at the federal level and the Washington State Gambling Commission approved it at the state level. In September 2021, the Snoqualmie Casino Sportsbook made its debut in Washington state as the first sportsbook to open.

More Online Sports Betting Features To Look For

The new standards for sports betting sites in Washington have been set with live-in game betting. Most of the odds for major sporting events on such sites are constantly being updated as the game rolls out, giving you the option to make bets based on information that is being offered to you in real-time, increasing your chances of getting it right.

The Wonders of Bonuses

Like all sports betting sites, those in Washington also offer the infamous welcome bonus. Each site has different terms for its welcome bonuses. The deposit match bonuses are probably one of the most well-known ones. You’ll come across it on most Washington state sports betting sites. How does it work? You start by making a deposit and the sportsbook will match that deposit with cash. You can earn double and even triple your initial amount, making it much easier to keep betting on your favorite sports.

Win Some, Earn Some

Besides bonuses, many sportsbooks also offer free bets and no deposit bet bonuses. These give you the opportunity to place a bet on whoever you would like to, without the risks attached to it. If you’re placing a free bet, you’ll be asked to deposit money before placing your bet. If you manage to win, you can keep what you’ve earned​ and keep on playing. If you don’t manage to win, no problem- the sportsbook got your back. With free bets, you can expect a refund for the money you would have lost.

No deposit bets are similar to free bets. The only difference is, you can hold on to your own money throughout. As the name implies, no deposit is needed. The sportsbook has once again, got your back. They’ll give you the money to wager with. You can either walk away after you’ve lost or else input some money and keep on playing.


Washington is probably one of the most vicarious states in the US for sports. It’s only natural that sports enthusiasts are eager to place their bets on big-time champions like the Wizards and Mystics. We hope that this little guide on sports betting in Washington helps to pave the way for your sports betting experience within the U.S. Capital.