Grow Your Revenue with Top #5 Plumber Marketing Growth Strategies

From the latest stats put forward by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it is evident that the plumbing industry is booming every day and aims for an all-time high. The neck-to-neck competitive businesses of the plumbing sector have made many enterprises take a plunge into this industry.

So, if you are considering starting your own plumber business, you have landed at the right spot. With the intense rise of digital media, plumber marketing has also seen a shift in presenting a business. However, just having a plumbing website is not enough; you need to consider your ranking in search engines as well. If you are not on top results, that can become a problem for your business. 

Google receives over 100 billion searches a month, and the click-through rate for desktop searches is 34.36%. The figures are too much for a business to ignore! Here we are discussing some excellent business growth strategies that you can include in your plumbing marketing plan for 2022:

#1 Develop A Professional Website for Business

First, you have to kickstart your plumbing business with a high-quality and fully-functional professional plumber website. This is the most important step in entering the plumbing market. If you are competing with the best service provider out there, you must have a strong online presence. People today surf the web to complete multiple tasks in a day, from shopping for essentials to filling out income tax forms.

People prefer search engine results, whether it is checking new plumbing tools or scheduling appointments with a plumber. In such a situation, if you don't have a website, you are losing many potential clients. Having a great website can contribute a lot to the business growth strategies of your plumber marketing plan. Establishing great online visibility will build trust and credibility for your business in the minds of potential clients. Take care of the overall presentation, the theme, navigation tab, and plumbing quotes. Ensure the information you have given, such as contact number, email address, and office location, is correct.

#2 Submit Website to Local Directories & Develop Search Engine Optimization

After successfully running your plumbing website, the next step is registering them on local directories. It is best to reach out to multiple local listings that are relevant to the plumbing industry. Popular names that work great for plumber marketing are Angie’s List, Google, LinkedIn, Yelp, Bing, and others.

Enlist your business on a local listing so that your prospects can find you easily and save the time-consuming process of screening relevant customers. The more the number of people around your business, the more they will get convinced to hire you! After this, you need to invest a great amount in SEO (search engine optimization).

There are abundant tasks that need to be completed before your robust SEO strategy. Everything is vital, from adding keywords to website content to drawing leads for plumber business.  SEO includes a range of on-page tasks as well, such as meta tags, page titles, alt tags, & off-page SEO, such as guest blogging and much more. Search engines crawl your website based on keywords ranking.

So, check whether your webpage is more or less relevant than other web pages optimized for the same keywords. Whenever someone searches for keywords related to the plumbing industry, Google presents them with the most popular results. Therefore, your website will rank high if you are using business growth strategies!

#3 Focus on Social Media Marketing + Paid Advertising

Gone are the days when platforms like Twitter and Facebook were meant for bridging people into a digitalized society. Today, perfect social media marketing has become a dynamic and integral advertising tool to interact with potential leads for more sales. Popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great for establishing strong online relationships and enhancing plumber marketing strategies. This way, you can win and retain customer trust easily.

By investing time and money in social media marketing, your business can attain great brand awareness and establish loyalty among clients. In addition to that, you will have better insights to draw more leads and convert them into regular customers.

Paid advertising is also a popular marketing tool to expand your business online. Search engine optimization improves revenue, but it takes a few months to reach some there. However, paid advertising shows results instantly and grows your revenue at the same time.

Promote your website by running Google Ads so that advertisements pay off a small fee whenever someone clicks on your website. PPC campaigns are excellent business growth strategies that drive great volume to boost online exposure. Running paid advertising offers:

  • Quick and measurable results
  • Better transparency
  • Reach the right audience
  • More exposure and great brand appearance

The plumber marketing Ads need to be designed effectively by a professional expert because setting PPC Ads is not everyone's cup of tea.

Although you can be creative around them, make sure you create something captivating that attracts instant attraction. The content must highlight the pros and USP of your business, tools you use for plumbing, safety precautions your team adopts, and how much you charge.

#4 Stay Active on Video Platforms

These days, videos are consumed fastest on the internet because tech-savvy people search for everything on YouTube. For instance, if someone has leaks in the bathroom, they will surf YouTube to get the answer. YouTube is great for plumber marketing and posting successful plumber stories.

Blogs are also a wonderful guide, but in panic situations, a video becomes the best pal. You must run a YouTube business channel to share valuable videos along with quote templates to have a hold over the local market. Fill it with guides on fixing a leaking tap, changing the bathroom faucet, and other renovation tips.

#5 Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective business growth strategies to connect with existing clients and gain more customers when promoting a business to a target audience. For example, it helps your business target individuals who are ready to hire professional plumbers.

While drafting the mail, you have to look at a number of factors. Start by creating the ideal customer base for the audience. Then, you have to make sure you are sending relevant content to them that makes sense as well. Otherwise, you are going to lose some really special customers.

For instance, if there is a festival, the theme of the content must be accordingly. But keep in mind, never send emails just for the sake of it if you don't want to interact with connections. Combine popular tactics with smart content always.


The above-mentioned plumber marketing ideas are way easy to implement in order to grow your business all over the virtual world of the Internet. You can try all business growth strategies and pick the ones that work best for you. opt for the marketing strategy that drives leads & sales without putting a big burden on your finances.

Keep in mind internet plays a crucial role in the growth of any business, and you have to utilize it completely to gain more customers. Start with a plumber website or plumber app and follow these steps. Let us know about any queries in the comment!