Will There Be Griselda Season 2 on Netflix? Is It Renewed?

Fans of the crime drama series “Griselda” have been eagerly awaiting news about the highly anticipated second season. The first season of the show, which was based on the life of notorious Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco, enthralled viewers with its compelling storyline and characters.

As the anticipation builds, viewers are left wondering about the release of Griselda Season 2.

Will there be Griselda Season 2?

“Griselda” was always intended to be a limited series, according to the creators. The notion of a second season was ruled out during the early development and debate process.

The Netflix series concludes with Griselda dealing with the sad loss of her three boys, a sobering reminder of the consequences of power. Despite the possibility of forgiveness, she chose a road filled with violence and suffering. The conclusion to her voyage represents a calculated wrap-up by the creative team, making a second season superfluous.

Griselda Season 2

Griselda's real-life legal difficulties, which include drug convictions and murder, add to the story's fullness. Her death in 2012 brings the main narrative thread to a close, leaving fans with little appetite for a post-prison investigation.

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The creators and streamer have not yet confirmed the second season, and it is unlikely, which depresses hopes for a continuation. Sorry, but there are currently no details about Griselda season 2's release date, trailer, or cast.

Griselda Ending Explained

Griselda Blanco's drug business crumbled due to her paranoia and fears. Federal Agent June's tireless pursuit, combined with internal turmoil, brought Griselda's criminal reign to an end.

Agent June's Strategy: To capitalize on Griselda's anxieties, Agent June took a calculated risk by inventing a non-existent informant, resulting in a profound state of paranoia and many blunders by Griselda in a short period.

Internal Conflict: Griselda's suspicions sparked arguments involving accusations of infidelity, embarrassing associates, and nearly murdering her best friend. Her son's near arrest and botched murder attempt exacerbated the pandemonium.

Griselda Season 2

Escape to California: When Griselda fled to California with Rivi and her sons, the Ochoas pursued them relentlessly. Rivi's frantic deed of robbing a bank to warn Griselda was an unsuccessful attempt to flee the looming peril.

Arrest and Betrayal: Griselda's planned decision to keep her sons safe resulted in her arrest, with Agent June turning Rivi against her. Rivi's defection, together with the accompanying legal issues, undermined the case against Griselda.

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Tragic Fate: Griselda's sentence was reduced, but tragedy struck with the deaths of three sons and the evacuation of the youngest to Colombia. In 2012, Griselda was assassinated after being released and returning to Medellin.

In a dramatic finale, “Griselda” ends as a limited series depicting the growth and collapse of Griselda Blanco's criminal empire. The choice to not have season 2 was predetermined, allowing the series to capture the stormy events that led to Griselda's tragic demise.


As fans eagerly await the release of Griselda Season 2, the anticipation continues to grow. While speculations and rumors are circulating about potential release dates, it is essential to rely on official announcements from the creators and the streaming platform.

Until then, viewers can rewatch the first season, engage in discussions, and join the online community, eagerly anticipating the continuation of the gripping story of Griselda Blanco. Stay tuned for updates as the creators unveil more details about the highly anticipated second season of “Griselda.”

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