Grimes’ Plastic Surgery: Everything About Her Before and After Look!

Transformation has always piqued the interest of those in the entertainment industry, where artistry and aesthetics frequently intersect. The enigmatic figure Grimes has recently received a lot of attention, both for her revolutionary musical career and her intriguing journey into cosmetic modifications.

The speculations about “Grimes' plastic surgery” have inspired intrigue and controversy, resulting in a complicated narrative that intertwines art, identity, and changing beauty standards. She is known for her creative talent, which has pushed the frontiers of genre and artistic expression.

However, as the world watches, it becomes evident that her artistic progress extends beyond the studio and stage, into a domain where the canvas is not a blank sheet of paper, but the very visage she displays to the world.

This article looks into the fascinating and frequently ambiguous realm of Grimes' face surgery journey, examining the motives, motivations, and implications of her decisions.

How did Grimes rise to fame?

Grimes, a well-known pop musician, launched her career in the late 2000s with experimental and lo-fi music. Her breakthrough album, “Visions,” in 2012, represented a watershed moment in her career, with songs like “Oblivion” and “Genesis.”

Grimes is noted for her genre-bending and boundary-pushing style, which combines electronic, pop, and experimental elements. Her work has won numerous accolades and nominations, including the Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year.

Grimes' Plastic Surgery

Her music has been commercially successful, with chart-topping albums and singles. Grimes has made a huge contribution to the music and fashion sectors, encouraging a new generation of artists.

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She has collaborated with other well-known musicians and producers, broadening her audience and musical range. She has also dabbled in entrepreneurship, such as her engagement with WarNymph, an AI art startup.

What Are the Alleged Grimes' Plastic Surgery?

Grimes, a recognized musician known for her unique and inventive approach to music and art, shocked her fans in 2019 with an Adidas promotional campaign.

In an Instagram post where she shared glimpses of her fitness routine, the musician famed for her song “Shinigami Eyes” revealed a shocking fact: she had undergone experimental eye surgery.

This breakthrough operation entailed replacing her eyeballs' “top film” with an “orange ultra-flex polymer.”

Grimes' Plastic Surgery

Grimes' nose has changed over time, although this does not always indicate a nose job or rhinoplasty. In 2019, there were reports of changes in form and rotation direction, however, these could be due to causes other than surgical intervention, such as cosmetic techniques, lighting, and non-invasive treatments.

Grimes addressed the issue of her nose in an Instagram post, noting that others have commented on it and expressing her confidence in accepting her individuality. She admitted that it took her some time to express herself in a way she was proud of, emphasizing her thankfulness for being “oddly designed.” This statement demonstrates Grimes' confidence and acceptance of her appearance, regardless of societal beauty standards.

Her upper and lower lips are larger, indicating that lip fillers may have played a role in her metamorphosis. Grimes has freely revealed that she is getting lip filler injections and embracing this part of her beauty journey. Some treatments, such as an upper lip lift, can also change the look of the nasal base or nostrils.

Although minor variations have been noted in her nose rotation and shape, the core traits remain rather similar, implying that any changes may be related to Grimes' lip augmentation rather than a separate rhinoplasty treatment.

Grimes made waves in August 2022 when she tweeted about her desire for a dramatic new makeover that included her ears and teeth. In her tweet, she confessed that she had considered this makeover two years ago when she entered her mid-30s.

Grimes' body modification revealed her concept for surgically implanted elf ears and cosmetic vampire teeth crowns, generating a discussion among her Twitter fans about the possibilities.

However, Grimes expressed some reservations and concerns regarding the elf ear modification. She explained possible risks, such as the cartilage not healing completely and the necessity for permanent stitches.

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Notably, her ex-partner, Elon Musk, expressed disapproval of her desire for elf ears, adding to the mystery behind Grimes' new appearance. Despite speculation and hearsay, Grimes has not officially verified whether or not she made these alterations.

Dr. Daniel Barrett, a California-based plastic surgeon, discussed elf ear alteration on his YouTube channel. He warned about the trend of people seeking dramatic ear alterations from body modification specialists and tattoo artists, citing the possibility of disastrous outcomes. Dr. Barrett emphasized the complexities of such surgery and strongly encouraged anyone considering body modification techniques to contact a certified plastic surgeon first.

Furthermore, he stated that he does not perform elf ear surgery and frequently recommends keeping with props or accessories because changing the shape of the ear can affect its true function.

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