Gregg Wallace’s Weight Loss: How Did ‘Masterchef’ Judge Shed 30kg?

Gregg Wallace, the charismatic co-presenter of the popular BBC cooking show “MasterChef,” has captured the hearts of viewers with his love for food and vibrant personality. In recent years, however, the spotlight has also shone on Gregg's transformation—a remarkable weight-loss journey that has garnered attention and admiration.

In this article, we explore Gregg Wallace's inspiring commitment to a healthier lifestyle and the factors that contributed to his notable weight loss.

Who is Gregg Wallace?

As a prominent figure in the culinary world, Gregg Wallace's career has revolved around delicious dishes and gastronomic delights. With a passion for food evident in his television appearances, Gregg has become a familiar face synonymous with culinary expertise.

Gregg Wallace's Weight Loss

Gregg Allan Wallace, MBE, is an English reporter, businessman, media personality, author, and former greengrocer who was born on October 17, 1964.

The celebrity cook John Torode co-hosts MasterChef, Celebrity MasterChef, and MasterChef: The Professionals on BBC One and BBC Two. He has written a lot for magazines like Good Food, Now, and Olive.

Gregg Wallace's Weight Loss Journey

Gregg Wallace lost a lot of weight quickly and in a noticeable way after being a guest on Good Morning Britain as a co-host of MasterChef. Not surprisingly, people noticed the 58-year-old's big change right away and want to know everything they can about his weight loss journey. Everything about his look had changed.

Additionally, Gregg Wallace has been somewhat open about his efforts to lose weight and utterly honest about his change. In particular, the business owner has lost a lot of weight—70 pounds in the last five years alone.

But in a recent TV interview, the MasterChef host made it clear that he didn't lose weight because of a fad or short-term thinking. Instead, it was accomplished by consistently carrying out simple tasks.

Gregg Wallace's Diet Plan

Gregg Wallace decided to lose weight, so he changed his daily routine and made better food choices. The well-known person said they lost almost five stones “without dieting.”

He stopped eating fast food, snacks, and highly processed foods not long ago and now makes healthy meals at home every day. Gregg chose not to stick to a strict meal plan and instead ate a healthy, varied, and well-balanced diet.

The MasterChef judge was able to lose weight by changing the way his taste buds worked so that he could enjoy better meals and eat less sugary and fatty foods.

He also cut down on the number of times he drank booze each week, going from drinking five pints of beer every night to drinking just a handful.

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Following these tips helped Gregg lose weight: he stopped drinking alcohol, ate healthier home-cooked meals instead of fried and pizza-based meals, and kept up a busy exercise routine.

The 58-year-old former greengrocer then started a website to help people who are having trouble losing weight and to share the diet plan. On his lifestyle website, Gregg Wallace Health, you can read about his changes over time.

Gregg Wallace's Workout Plan

Gregg Wallace's trainer, Danny Rai, showed off one of Wallace's workouts and talked about how Wallace changed. Rai says Wallace starts his workouts with chin-ups to build his core. He then does a traditional bench press and a bird-dog row to work on both his back and stomach at the same time.

Gregg Wallace's Weight Loss

Wallace said that the journey had not been easy, even though he had changed so much. Wallace also admitted that he doesn't enjoy this exercise. However, he was happy with the results, especially the way his arms looked, which he happily flexed and said was because he did hundreds of tricep press-ups.

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Gregg's weight loss journey has served as an inspiration for many people all over the world, and he has even offered advice on how to lose weight occasionally. He has also said that consistency is the most important thing and that making changes in your life can't happen right away.

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