Great Pottery Throw Down: Is Rose On It A Man?

The Great Pottery Throw Down selected its fourth champion on March 14 after a dramatic final that involved a complex throwing task to construct an exquisite Art Deco punch bowl and some highly delicate decanters.

It was a tearjerker finale, as were many of the episodes, and fans are heartbroken to say goodbye.

But when will Season 5 of The Great Pottery Throw Down premiere? During the third lockdown, it provided some very healthy diversion, and if you want to throw in the studio for Rich Miller and Keith Brymer Jones, filming for the next season starts sooner than you think.

Great Pottery Throw Down Quick Facts

Presented by:
Sara Cox; Melanie Sykes; Siobhán McSweeney; Ellie Taylor
No. of episodes: 44
Keith Brymer Jones; Kate Malone; Sue Pryke; Richard Miller
No. of series: 5
Opening theme:
“I Can't Explain” by The Who (Series 1); “Making Time” by The Creation (Series 2–)
Original network:
BBC Two (2015–2017); More4 (2020); Channel 4 (2021–present)
Great Pottery Throw Down Season 1 Release Date November 3, 2015
Great Pottery Throw Down Season 2 Release Date February 2, 2017
Great Pottery Throw Down Season 3 Release Date January 8, 2020
Great Pottery Throw Down Season 4 Release Date January 1, 2021
Great Pottery Throw Down Season 5 Release Date April 14, 2022


Using the Delftware Pottery Technique

Using ceramics, trans lady from the Netherlands Rose “delves into my identity as a trans woman.”

On her website, she gives a brief description of her artistic process and how she approaches her work. She writes: “Using the Delftware pottery technique to create pieces that reflect my experiences as a trans person having altered my body and identity allows me to gain ownership of the struggles of transitioning as well as remember where I came from.”

Her pottery creations “embodied my experience of respecting my origins while completely relishing the ownership over my body and identity the trans experience has given me,” she adds.

Rose's pottery comes in a variety of shapes, from vases to “dancing cups,” and frequently bears transgender liberation messages.

On her Instagram feed, she identifies as a “Trans Kiln WitchTM” and the “Kiln Girl Rose.” She teased the most current season in a recent post, writing: “I'm ecstatic to return as the technician for the Great Pottery Throw Down on January 2 at 19:45 on C4. Excellent bow ties and pots abound in this collection.”

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A Gist About Great Pottery Throw Down

The Great Pottery Throw Down is a British television competition show that premiered on BBC Two on November 3, 2015.

It's a competition similar to The Great British Bake Off and The Great British Sewing Bee but focused on ceramics.

Sara Cox was the host for the first two seasons, while Kate Malone and Keith Brymer Jones were the expert judges.

Richard Miller, who played “kiln guy Rich” and served as the show's behind-the-scenes technician, also appeared in the first three seasons.

great pottery throw down season 5

The Great Pottery Throw Down, which has recently started a new season on Channel 4, is the mildest, oddest, and friendliest of the several brilliant TV craft contests.

It makes Bake Off appear like a gladiatorial contest, and The Great British Sewing Bee look like the pinnacle of urban glitz.

If the self-consciously masculine Paul Hollywood's hallmark remark on Bake Off is a bone-crunching handshake, Keith Brymer Jones' senior judge on Pottery Throw Down is an outburst of weeping.

Never in the history of primetime television has a mature man sobbed so much – and it's beautiful.

Twelve amateur potters fight against one another, with judges Keith Brymer Jones (renowned for his legendary waterworks) and newcomer Sue Pryke posing progressively tricky obstacles.

The last four potters will attempt to build a functional toilet in the ninth episode. That's right, and you read that correctly.

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Of course, this means the judges will have to put them to the test, so anticipate Brymer Jones to laugh a lot and cry a lot.


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How Did Pottery Throw Down Season 4 End?

It's Garden Week, and the surviving potters must construct an animal water feature and toss a strawberry planter to advance to the quarter-finals.

The surviving potters produce Acoma pottery heated in cow dung and toss an Alabama ring bottle in an all-American quarter-final for a spot in the semi-final.

It's the semi-finals, and the surviving potters compete in Bathroom Week by creating an extravagant and completely working pedestal sink and decorating a chamber pot for a spot in the grand final.

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The potters create a punch bowl and decanter in an art deco-inspired final before confronting the minor throwing task ever set. Who will be proclaimed series champion?

Wrapping Up

Keith Brymer Jones returned as a judge in Season 4. Brymer Jones has been with the program since the beginning, despite changes. Season 5 is probably certain.

Season 4 included a few new characters in addition to Brymer Jones. Richard Miller served as a judge, while Siobhán McSweeney of Derry Girls took over as the new host.

There's no indication yet whether Miller and McSweeney will return or some pleasant new Brits will take up their responsibilities.