Grace and Frankie Season 8: Will There be a Season 8 of Grace and Frankie?

Grace and Frankie, one of Netflix’s longest-running original series, has reached the end of its road. Last weekend, the final 12 episodes of the series were made available on Netflix, and fans are already wondering if there is any possibility for a Grace and Frankie season 8 to materialise.

grace and frankie season 8

Unfortunately, the answer is no, at least not shortly. As a result of the pandemic that occurred during the seventh season, the season was split into two halves.

The Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda-led sitcom, which premiered in 2015, quickly established itself as a cultural touchstone because of its witty dialogue, touching plots, and the central friendship between Grace and Frankie.

Upon discovering that their husbands were both gay and secretly in love with the same person, the tale centred around the characters of Tomlin and Fonda, who were left unsure of where to go next in their lives without their respective husbands.

Of course, one of the most appealing aspects of the show was the fact that it featured two elderly women as the main characters, which is a rarity in today’s television environment, especially in our current period.

The Cast of Grace and Frankie Season 8

‘Grace and Frankie’ season 8 cast will not be discussed because we all know that the show will not be returning for a ninth season; instead, we will discuss the identities of the characters who are set to appear in season nine’s final and concluding episode.

  • Grace Hanson, Robert’s ex-wife, eventually becomes Frankie’s best friend, and Jane Fonda plays the role of Grace Hanson in the film.
  • In the role of Frankie, Lily Tomlin will portray a character who is always in need of Grace’s assistance. She is Sol’s ex-wife, and she is doing everything she can to care for her children.
  • Robert Bergstein’s husband, Sol Bergstein, will be played by Sam Waterston. Robert is a role that Waterston is no new to playing. Initially, he was an advocate for divorce, and later, he became a gay rights activist.
  • Robert Hanson, an ex-divorce lawyer who later becomes a theatre actor, will be played by Martin Sheen in the film. He was formerly married to Grace, but after their divorce, he fell in love with Sol.
  • Brooklyn Decker will portray Madison’s mother, Mallory Hanson, as well as Nick and Sol’s stepdaughter, Mallory Hanson.
  • Embry will portray Coyote Bergstein, a music teacher who will be featured in the film. Sol and Frankie’s first kid, he is the oldest of their three children.
  • Diane Raphael has been cast as Brianna Hanson in the upcoming picture, June, which will be released in June. Grace and Robert welcomed their first child, a daughter who was called Grace in honour of her mother.
  • Nwabudike Bergstein will be played by Baron Vaughn. He was born to Sol and Frankie as their son.
  • Tim Bagley will portray Peter, a fictional character who will appear in the show.

The plot of Season 8 Grace and Frankie Season 8

grace and frankie season 8

Season 8 of the series has been cancelled, and there will be no additional information available on the subject. Season 7’s twelve episodes, on the other hand, are almost ready to be broadcast on Netflix as a whole.

The story revolves around Grace and Frankie, two extremely different women who play important roles in the plot.

Grace and Frankie’s lives were drastically altered when their spouses divorced them for the sake of another person. Before they became best friends, the two women were unable to adjust to their new surroundings.

A great friendship develops between them over time, and they serve as role models for other women all around the world on how to have the time of their life despite the hurdles in their way.

The Premiere Date for Grace and Frankie Season 8

If you’re a fan of Grace and Frankie, you’ll either be delighted or disappointed, depending on your point of view. Even though fans were looking forward to the release of Grace and Frankie Season 8, it appears that the series’ streaming platform has cancelled Season 8 as per the most recent information available.

However, after a nineteen-month absence from the series’ showing schedule, Jane and Lily have now told their fans that the series’ final or seventh season’s four episodes are now available for viewing on Netflix, following a nineteen-month hiatus from the series’ airing schedule.

Furthermore, the final and final 12 episodes of Season 7, as well as the final episode of the series, will be shown on April 29, 2022, which is the season’s last day.

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Trailer for Grace and Frankie

We are not referring to the trailer for Grace and Frankie’s Season 8, because the seventh season will mark the series’ conclusion. Official confirmation of the revelation has come from Netflix as well as the cast of the series. Even though the Season 7 trailer for Grace and Frankie is now available to view, you may still watch it on YouTube or Netflix.

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The Concluding Remarks

grace and frankie season 8

Grace and Frankie is one of the longest-running television shows on Netflix, which is a streaming powerhouse. It has seven seasons, and each season has been a huge smash and a hugely popular entertainer on the small screen.

With the 12 episodes of season 7 that will be released in the following months, the series will surpass all other Netflix series in terms of episode count. Following the conclusion of the seventh season, it will be difficult for the fans to say goodbye to Grace and Frankie.

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