Grace and Frankie Season 8 Release Date: Are There Any Chances of Revival?

Grace and Frankie's final season premiered on Netflix in late April. Some may have questioned whether the series would continue beyond Season 7. Season 8 of Grace and Frankie will not take place! It was previously confirmed that Season 7 would be the final season of the Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin sitcom.

Before Season 6 even premiered in September 2019, Netflix revealed that Season 7 would be Grace and Frankie's final season. Cindy Holland, Netflix's former VP of Original Series, stated at the time that she lauded Grace and Frankie and the whole production team.

“Since its launch in 2015, Grace and Frankie have effectively and delightfully demystified the experience of growing older and provided a voice to the fastest-growing portion of our population,” she began her statement.

Holland continued to sing the show's praises, mentioning Tomlin, Fonda, Martin Sheen, and Sam Waterson.

“Jane, Lily, Sam, and Martin have become role models for fans of all ages all across the world, and we are so happy to have been a part of the show's journey from the beginning,” she added. “Special thanks to Marta, Howard, and the Skydance team, who have been fantastic partners every step of the journey.”


Of course, the show's major stars, Tomlin and Fonda, stated the series' demise. They expressed regret that the series had to end but expressed thanks for what they were able to accomplish in their united message.

grace and frankie season 8

“We are both happy and heartbroken that Grace and Frankie will return for its seventh, but last, season,” said Fonda and Tomlin. “We're very grateful that our program has been able to address problems significant to our age.

And their children, and, miraculously, their children. We'll miss these old ladies, Grace, and Frankie, as much as their fans, but we'll be here. We've outlasted so much—just let's hope we don't outlive the world.”

In an April interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress discussed why she believes her character has more to give on the small screen. “I believe it's equally intriguing to explore what it means to be a middle-aged woman [like Brianna] without children or a husband,” she remarked.

grace and frankie season 8

“It was actually about season four or five that I started thinking about these other Brianna stories and wanting for more.”

“It was around season four or five that I started thinking of these other stories for Brianna and wanting more,” June continued. I felt like I had more to say and that I needed to dig my teeth deeper.”

Fortunately for fans of Grace and Frankie, the show's producers were open to the notion and urged June to meet with series co-creator Howard Morris. They discussed it extensively, she claims, during the coronavirus outbreak.

“We talked about what Brianna might lose or gain as she ages alone and how a woman who is alone can instill tremendous anxiety in so many people,” she told THR. “We spent the following few months creating the pilot story once we thought we had it.”

Although the show has not yet been approved, the fact that higher-ups have evaluated it is a promising indication. Let's hope for confirmation in the following months.

Why won't there be a Grace and Frankie season 8?

Those fans whose conclusion of Grace and Frankie saddens are not alone: Kauffman feels the same way.

Kauffman told exclusively in March 2021 about what it's like to say farewell to the characters and the story: “It's always depressing. It's almost as if – and I keep using the child metaphor – your child is leaving to create a family somewhere else.”

grace and frankie season 8

“You know, it's time, it's fitting, but it's heartbreaking,” the Friends co-creator concluded. And primarily as a result of, you know, breaking up this family.

“And as much as we all enjoy the work, it's also breaking up the family and losing that community. So now you know who you spend 12 hours a day with.”

Kauffman stated that Netflix was ultimately responsible for the show's cancellation but that there were no hard feelings.

She explained to the Los Angeles Times in January 2020: “It was a confluence of factors. Netflix no longer produces long-running shows. And we are quite fortunate to have received the seventh season.”

grace and frankie season 8

She said, “When we first started, I believe we expected seven seasons. However, this is the type of decision that Netflix makes. But, as sorry as I am that everything is coming to an end, there is something to it that makes sense.”

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