Govt-19 News, Live | At the CBI, Witzel accused Morrow and Gavarno Bolzano of retaliating for the trial of Marielle Franco | Currently

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Senators CBI from infection This Wednesday, hear the testimony of the former governor of Rio de Janeiro Wilson Witzel. The purpose of the call is to clarify the series of allegations that the former governor benefited from a corruption scheme The onset of infection, But former Governor Rio, who stepped down in an indictment, is using the platform to defend himself. Witzel accused former ministers Sergio Moro and the Bolzano government of retaliating against him for investigating the case of Mariel Franco. Federal Ministry data show that Witzel received a percentage of the fees paid into the Rio health sector. The National Institute of Health Monitoring (ANVISA) has approved the Spotnik V vaccine as an exceptional import by the states of Rio Grande. Norde, who hails from Mato Grosso, Rondenia, Barre, Ambe, Baraba and Goyes, was among 490,000 deaths in Brazil by the Covit-19. In Sao Paulo, City Hall recommended vaccinating people between the ages of 59 and 50 to avoid meeting at health centers.

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