Gotham Season 6 Cast Explained in Detail!

Gotham is an American television series. Audience members gave excellent feedback to the television series Gotham. It's one of Fox's most-watched shows. There has been no announcement regarding the sixth season of Gotham. It has been announced that Gotham's fifth and final season will air in 2019.

The likelihood of a Gotham sixth season announcement is low but not nil. The renewal for Gotham's sixth season is expected to be revealed soon. Gotham is a crime drama with elements of action & drama and superheroes.

To put it simply, Gotham is a fantastic show. This article, then, is about the actors and actresses who will appear in Gotham Season 6. In this article, we'll discuss the Season 6 cast of Gotham and the roles they'll play in season 6 if it gets renewed. Below is the main and recurring cast of Gotham Show.

Ben McKenzie as Detective Jim Gordon

Gotham Season 6 Cast
Gotham Season 6 Cast

It was announced in September 2013 that Fox was working on a TV show that will explore James Gordon's early days as a police detective and the backstories of famous Batman villains. McKenzie was chosen to play the lead role in February 2014.

McKenzie said of Gordon in an interview that he was a “very serious, very serious” who “represents the epitome of integrity as a human being. A lone upstanding citizen among corrupt city dwellers. He is not a villain; he is a hero who must make sacrifices.”

David Mozaus as Bruce Wayne

Gotham Season 6 Cast

When talking about his character, Mazouz said that “You were never given the opportunity to learn more about Bruce Wayne's struggles, grieving process, or actions motivated by wrath. He's lonely, afraid, obsessive, and a hot mess right now, and it's all a result of his anger and fear.

Because of this, he is probing for any explanation for his parents' passing. You will witness the hurtful things he does while grieving, as well as his eventual return to being a normal child.” An adult Bruce, played by Mikhail Mudrik in the final episode, dons the Batsuit.

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Cory Michael Smith as The Riddler

Gotham Season 6 Cast

Smith was upgraded to a regular character on the show in May of 2014. “The character's history has such a wide range of experiences and settings,” says Smith. Because Gotham has been around for 75 years, I brought a variety of comics from different eras with me to my audition. I hoped the comics, and the main character would develop over time.

In the process of discovering this new side of himself, he went from being a complete nave, well-meaning, and happy person to something darker. He's someone who's continually mistreated, and he does it out of rage and tiredness; if he learns that by taking charge of adverse circumstances, he may obtain power, he can find that he actually enjoys it.

Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth

Gotham Season 6 Cast

In 2014, he landed a role in the Fox TV show Gotham, which serves as a prequel to the Batman franchise. Pertwee plays Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne family's devoted London-born butler and former special forces soldier. After Thomas and Martha Wayne are killed, he takes on the role of Batman's guardian and mentor.

Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock

Gotham Season 6 Cast

Donal Logue played Harvey Bullock in the police procedural Gotham, based on the DC Comics Batman character, from its premiere in 2014 to the show's conclusion in 2019.

Erin Richards as Barbara Kean

Richards's casting on the show was announced in February 2014. Richards plays James Gordon's fiancee Barbara Kean, but the couple's relationship deteriorates as the season progresses. She decides to try dating Renee Montoya again after a long break.

Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galavan 

Gotham Season 6 Cast

Jessica Lucas' role as Tabitha Galavan on Fox's Gotham lasted from 2015 to 2019, and she was a regular cast member throughout that time.

Benedict Samuel as Jervis Tetch

In 2016, Samuel landed the role of the Mad Hatter in the third season of Gotham, the villain of the Batman franchise. Psychotic and determined to locate his missing sister Alice, he is portrayed as a hypnotist. During the fourth season, he reprised his role as the character.