Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: What Can We Expect from Next Episode?

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Despite the fact that Episode 5 of Season 2 of “Gossip Girl” finally removed some of the silliness that had been there up to that point, our overall assessment of the season has not changed. To us, it feels like it's too little, too late, & given how unlikeable the characters have been, it doesn't look like things will improve much this season.

The plots that have any hope of succeeding are being underutilized & the whole thing is a jumbled muddle. Furthermore, HBO needs to improve its subtitles; why aren't they already available? I'm hoping the network realizes the importance of subtitling scenes in which all of the actors deliberately imitate a regional accent or speech pattern. Now that we have that out of the way, let's check out Season 2 Episode 5 of “Gossip Girl.”

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

Julien has been seeing Graham despite his guilt. Julien & Zoya had not returned home since Nick lied. On their next vacation, Max, Aki & Obie request Audrey's permission to sleep together. Heidi tells Obie at home that their mother is in Southampton. Nobody told Obie.

Kate & Jordan think Mike's partner is a wealthy parent. They must identify the suspect. Julien, Audrey's daughter, is interviewing Katherine. Her mother recalls losing her husband & helper. Shan wants Zoya to attend a Philadelphia rave. Zoya initially opposes the plan, but when Julien gets Nick to talk to her, she admits to being like her father.

Zoya rages to Philadelphia. Obie & Julien again discuss how Obie should apologize to his mother. Max & Aki accompany Obie to Southampton to visit his mother when he opts out of the holiday. Kate hacks Mike's computer with Jordan's help but is caught. Kate & he say they're Gossip Girl.

Jordan exploits Gossip Girl's post to deceive Mike. Mike, who no longer fears her, confides in her that he must catch Gossip Girl owing to blackmail. He borrowed money from a friend, who took over his bank account & threatened to reveal Gossip Girl's true name unless he stopped borrowing.

Audrey worries that Harris's frightening warning may leave Max & Aki without friends. Obie & his mum eventually reconcile. She then calls Aki. Aki tells Obie he thinks Obie's mom is hiding something when they part. Obie overhears them & discovers his mother's secrets.

Audrey worries about her collaboration when Aki & Max don't answer her calls. She joins Max & Aki on vacation after discussing infidelity warning signs with her mother & Gideon. Julien breaks up with Graham to avoid becoming like her father. Audrey realizes Julien lied about not talking to Graham after seeing them together.

Graham drives her to Southampton, Obie's grandmother's house. She questions Julien about his marriage during the ride. Obie sneaks inside his mom's office to investigate. Shan & Zoya play Sabrina & Monet at the party. Audrey, paranoid, enters Obie's mom's house to catch Max & Aki.

Jordan meets Mike's parents to learn about his blackmailer. Shan & Cory's brother leaves Zoya & her friend Cory at the party to have supper with Zoya. He ignores Zoya the next morning, which bothers her.

In a vulnerable situation, Audrey thinks the worst of Aki & Max, who had been keeping their distance from her. They discuss Audrey's anxieties & agree to communicate more. Julien finds Obie hiding in his mom's office. Audrey's disturbance alerts Obie's mother to his misdeeds.

He confronts her after learning of the litigation, substandard building work, & her dubious plans with Daniela. He grants Obie's mother's request for space. Later, he discovers that his family's old building is off-limits.

Graham tells Julien that he & his wife are splitting. The couple gets engaged despite Julien's worries about her safety. Zoya tells her father at home that she needs time to forgive him. Nick realizes she needs space.

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Jordan avoids Mike's Gossip Girl trap with Kate's advice. He correctly recognized Professor Gossip Girl. Kate denies supporting Gossip Girl, saying Mike has no reason to mistrust her. He visits her the next day & overhears her talking about Mike's house with Jordan.

What Can We Expect In The Next Episode Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Season 2?

Since Audrey, Aki, and Max have developed a new system, perhaps we will observe them learning the finer points of it. For Julien, the drama is guaranteed because she has recently entered a relationship fraught with complexities.

Obie will if only temporarily, have to learn to adapt to the ways of the common folk. According to our instincts, this will draw him and Julien even closer together. An unwanted love triangle. Also, we hope Zoya is doing fine.

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Kate might want to think about dating Jordan because he is much cuter and more into her than John is. Given this new information, we now think it's possible that our initial assessment of Season 2 of “Gossip Girl” was incorrect.