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Gold Rush Season 13: Release Date | Plot | Cast | Episodes | and All You Need to Know!

The television show Gold Rush combines elements of the reality and adventure television genres. Gold Rush, which airs on Discovery and was originally titled Gold Rush: Alaska, has been renamed for a second season.

The series was produced in the United States and is shown in its native language of English. Christo Doyle serves as executive producer for the show, while Raw TV is the production company responsible for it. Klondike, Yukon, Canada, and Alaska, USA, serving as the film's locations (for the previously aired season Season).

Gold Rush: Alaska
Season: Season 13
Release Date:
September 30th,2022
Start Time: TBA ET
TV Channel: Discovery
Episode Runtime:
Approx. 45 minutes
Genres: Reality
Parental Rating: TV-PG
Region: United States

Premiere Date for Season 13 of Gold Rush Is Here! Where Can I Find It?

Season 13 of Gold Rush will premiere on September 30, 2022. Discover, a TV streaming service, now has the new season available. Outside of Discovery, we are unaware of any other streaming services that will carry the show.

 White Water, Gold Rush, Parker's Trail, Gold Rush, Dave Turin's Lost Mine in the Gold Rush, Freddy Dodge and the Gold Rush: Winter's Fortune, a Gold Rush Novel, Other shows that are similar to the Gold Rush series are Bering Sea Gold, Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice, Ice Cold Gold, Hoffman Family Gold, and Jungle Gold.

For the most part focusing on the Klondike region of Dawson City, Canada, the Yukon, and Alaska, United States, the show illustrates the process of placer gold mining and the huge efforts put forth by several family-run mining enterprises. The show has previously focused on the companies' mining efforts in western North America and South America.

Why Did Parker Leave Gold Rush Season 13?

The show has been available on Discovery Channel's streaming service in 1080i since its initial airing. The entire 12 seasons, including 290 episodes, have been made available so far. Starting with season 12, the show will be narrated by Shaun Dooley instead of Paul Christie and Dean Lennox Kelly, who narrated the first eleven seasons.

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Discovery's streaming service is the place you go to watch Gold Rush Season 13. The premiere is scheduled for September 30, 2022, with the second episode airing on October 7, 2022.

What Will Happen in Season 13 of “Gold Rush?”

The show's premise centers on gold miners and their never-ending quest for the precious metal, but the plot is about to take a surprising turn.

Due to rising gas expenses, this time the miners won't just be removing the gold, but also replacing it.

gold rush season 13

New competitors are emerging, fuel prices are skyrocketing, supply chain problems are arising, and the price of gold is falling, therefore the stakes are quite high.

Cast From Gold Rush Season 13

With the announcement of the cast for Season 13 of Gold Rush, comes some devastating news for the show's loyal audience.

Gold Rush's producers have announced that Rick Nerss and the rest of the gang won't be back for Season 13.

A major plot point in the series will include Fred Lewis and his MIsfit team. Season 13 will include the return of Parker Schnabel and Tony Beeys.

The Clayton brothers, Brandon and Brady, are the new season 13 gold miners.

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There was a zoom call on the Discovery Channel to announce the season 13 cast. As the season premiere approaches in less than a week, more cast members will likely be introduced.

Gold Rush Season 13 Episodes

Fans of Gold Rush have not yet compiled an episode guide for the upcoming season. The upcoming thirteenth season will likely consist of twenty-two episodes, with each episode running anywhere from fifty-five to sixty minutes.

gold rush season 13

All twenty-two episodes won't drop at once, but rather spread out over the course of a year, with each new one debuting every week. Although the episodes are mostly created in English, they will be made available for streaming in a variety of dubbed versions.

Where Can I Find Season 13 of Gold Rush to Watch?

Discovery's online TV streaming service will include all 13 episodes of Gold Rush Season 13. In addition, the show will be broadcast on a variety of web-based video-on-demand and audio-only services.

Is There A Gold Rush Season 13 Trailer?

The 13th season of Gold Rush has not yet received a trailer from the show's creators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Parker Pay His Staff?

On Parker Schnabel's crew, the hourly compensation is approximately $34.

How Much Does Parker Give Mitch?

As a Parker technician, Mitch Blaschke makes $100,000 per season, and he makes $25,000 per Gold Rush episode.

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