Gods Unchained Metaverse: A Play-to-Earn Game on the Blockchain in 2022!

Gods Unchained is a tactical card game in which players gain actual ownership of the items they acquire while playing.

The game is designed for competitive play, meaning players must outsmart their opponents in terms of strategy.

Players will be able to win cards that they control entirely in this manner. Gods Unchained is a blockchain-based video game developed by the Australian blockchain gaming startup ‘Immutable.'

The Immutable wants to make virtual worlds more accurate, including providing ownership over your digital in-game items, such as those found in Gods Unchained, by bringing them into the real world.

Each collectible card is a non-fungible token based on the Ethereum blockchain, and each card can only be collected once.

Players will be able to own their in-game assets in the same way that they would own cryptocurrency.

A one-on-one battle between two players occurs in each match (or with the computer).

It will help if you beat their gods with your gods to reduce the opponent's life to a bare minimum. It is possible to trade cards with other players after starting the game and winning some cards for yourself.

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How Does It Work?

As soon as you create an account in Gods Unchained, you are given a royalty of 140 cards, which you can use to initiate fights or exchange property with other players.

  • These cards are required to engage in combat with other players or to play against the game's computer.
  • It is an entirely strategic game in which you must cause your adversary to lose while avoiding his strategic attacks.

Gods Unchained Metaverse

  • As a result, having the best team possible with your cards is essential. You can buy the best cards from other players, trade them for money or other items, and even win them as you level up, which will help you improve your skills.
  • Aside from that, the platform hosts auctions in which they release a limited edition of certain god cards, which are then sold to the highest bidder.
  • Every weekend, there are open tournaments to participate in, which result in excellent profits.
  • It all comes down to having the best cards, putting together powerful decks, and converting your best properties into NFT tokens that you can trade with other participants.

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Can You Earn From God's Unchained Metaverse?

A requirement for developing its ecosystem based on Ethereum technology is the availability of funds and wallets to enable the monetization of all transactions through the use of its cryptocurrency ETH.

Purchase, sale, and exchange of NFT tokens can only be accomplished using ETH within God's Unchained.

Gods Unchained Metaverse

  • Additionally, playing actively is a perfect way to earn significant interest, especially now that you have received your first cards; you can begin playing right away without spending a penny, and every time you win or level up, you will be rewarded with envelopes containing collectibles and interest in Ethereum cryptocurrencies (ETH).
  • When you convert the elements used in the game into a collectible and exchangeable property, you can pass your best card to a cryptographic piece (NFT Tokens) and generate a profit that goes directly into your wallet, and this is one of the most common methods of earning.
  • Additionally, they can be exchanged with other users for FIAT money, physical goods, or the payment method that you specify, just as you would if you were exchanging cards in real life, with the difference being that the exchange takes place between hash addresses of an Ethereum wallet rather than between physical cards.

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Gods Unchained Metaverse: Gameplay

Gods Unchained is the story of divine beings who rule over the cosmos in an eternal reign that appears to have no end.

There are six main characters who must compete against one another to determine which god's supreme power will reign supreme.

The game is based on a holy contest in which each player has their own set of cards and must choose a God power and a heroic mortal to imbue with divine powers before the clock runs out.

The 6 main characters of the game are :

  1. God of Light
  2. Goddess of Death
  3. God of War
  4. Goddess of Nature
  5. God of Magic
  6. Goddess of Deception

How to Get Started With the Gods Unchained Metaverse?

To start playing on Gods Unchained game, follow the given steps :

  1. Check out the Gods unchained website
  2. Finish the account creation process
  3. The app can be installed on a computer (You can install it on your phone as well)
  4. Verify your account by sending a verification email to the email address associated with your account
  5. Take advantage of “Immutable” to run it
  6. Start the game by logging in

Final Words

The game has quickly gained popularity and has amassed a large number of followers on social media.

  • As a result, the total amount of money earned has also increased. More than $7 million worth of cards have been exchanged by now, and blockchain enthusiasts consider this game the next best thing to Bitcoin.
  • It will become even more popular once the native token GODS is available on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is unquestionably a game that is worth participating in and earning from. The blockchain-based games are quickly taking over the market, so start practicing as soon as possible.