Glass Onion: a Knives Out Mystery Ending Explained – Who Killed Duke?

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, directed by Rian Johnson, has finally arrived on Netflix. Providing viewers with another intriguing case for the brilliant Benoit Blanc to solve. This time around, Blanc attends a murder mystery party thrown by Edward Norton's brilliant tech magnate Miles & his gang of frenemy sycophants who are played by an all-star cast.

Cast includes Kathryn Hahn, Dave Bautista, Leslie Odom, Jr., & Kate Hudson. Blanc's signature drawl & the year's most extensive model of cameo appearances make this film one of the year's most skillfully produced & funny roller coasters.

It's also a satire of misunderstood talent & the super-rich, making for a very full movie. In this article, we will read an ending explanation of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. To know in detail, keep reading.

Glass Onion: a Knives Out Mystery Plot Synopsis

Let's go over the premise again before we reveal the conclusion. The guests of tech tycoon Miles Bron's murder mystery dinner on his own island. Right-wing streamer Duke Cody & his girlfriend Whiskey are among his friends, as are Congresswoman Claire Debella, brilliant scientist Lionel Toussaint, former model Birdie Jay, her assistant Peg & others.

Cassandra “Andi” Brand, Miles's ex-business partner & world-class detective Benoit Blanc is also on board. It's only a matter of time before we see a shocking murder, as everyone on the island has the motive to want Miles dead.

Glass Onion: a Knives Out Mystery Ending Explained

This riddle, like the glass onion it was named after, is complex. Like the onion from which it takes its name, however, the identity of the perpetrator of this mystery is not hard to figure out. We need just to navigate our way through the clutter to discover the killer's true identity. In Benoit Blanc's honor, let's put on our finest imitations of Southern accents & explain them.

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Who Killed Duke during the Party?

Miles killed Duke impulsively. As part of his long-running campaign to hire Miles at Alpha News, the ambitious YouTuber sent Whiskey. Duke saw Miles leaving Andi's house on her murder day & believed that the tech billionaire was responsible.

Duke compelled Miles by showing him an increase in watching numbers soon before he died, which was actually the news of Andi's death. Miles exchanged Duke & Miles' poisoned drinks. “Duke doesn't dance with pineapple,” Duke said before the Covid-blocking throat shot.

Glass Onion: a Knives Out Mystery Ending Explained

Miles used pineapple juice & switched glasses to mislead everyone. Miles blamed Duke's death on a poisoning attempt, notwithstanding Duke's allergic reaction. Blanc's large deduction speech shows the case's perceived intricacy was an illusion by its conclusion.

Miles Bron is a “vainglorious clown” who either vamps his way through life or manipulates brilliant people to do the work & lets him take credit & then gets the credit. Blanc's warning about the celebration inspired his attempt to kill Helen. Miles constantly uses simple or sneaky methods to kill his victims.

How Does Glass Onion End?

Glass Onion: a Knives Out Mystery Ending Explained: Eventually, the past will catch up with the present & we'll find out that Helen is still alive. Andi's diary was in Helen's pocket when the bullet struck, they used Jeremy Renner's hot sauce to make her appear to have died.

She discovers the Glass Onion Bar napkin lying in plain sight, but when she comes clean to the group. Miles burns the napkin with his big lighter. The idea came from Lionel, who asked if he had burned the red envelope.

As the Disruptors turn their backs on her, he begins to gaslight her by asking if anyone saw the napkin. Even Blanc, having reminded her of his legal limitations. He had to go without helping her, as their remaining evidence has been destroyed.

Helen, overcome with sadness & hatred, decides the only way get back at Miles is to destroy all of his foolish glass sculptures. One by one, Miles' apologists admit that they're angry with the entrepreneur & regret ever becoming dependent on him.

When they see he doesn't care about any of them, they join Helen in her destruction & crush the rest of the pieces. Helen resorts to Miles's purported “biggest” creation in an effort to bring down his entire empire. He gave Blanc a piece of Klear before she departed.

Claire's worst fears are realized as she tosses the nugget at the fireplace & the Glass Onion explodes, just like the “Hindenberg” Andi had warned her about. Everyone makes it through unscathed.

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However, the film isn't ended just yet & there was a massive explosion. Helen still has some vengeance left to exact. When she & the others finally come to, they find the room completely ablaze, save for the literal Mona Lisa, which is sitting in its bulletproof display case.

The secret key, however, had already been displayed by Miles & his inflated ego. Helen, surrounded by Miles, Claire, Lionel & Birdie, races for the switch as time slows dramatically. She makes it & with a little help from the statue, Miles gets his wish to be mentioned alongside the iconic picture.

Miles Bron, that jerk who used unstable super fuel to blow up the Mona Lisa. Helen comes out on top by reminding Miles that the “public launch of Klear” will be the end of him.

When he tries to rally the Disruptors by referencing his prior deception with the words “We know what we all witnessed,” the group replies that they'll accept both the truth & some falsehoods, correctly pinning Andi & Duke's murders on their former comrade.

In the end, a man as shallow & brainless as the Glass Onion receives the just desserts they deserve. He's a manipulative moron, hiding behind a facade of riches, inflated language, & supposed “intelligence.”