George Clooney Dating: Look Back at His Dating History!

Before he met his wife Amal Clooney (formerly Alamuddin), George Clooney was the ultimate ladies' man. Some of Hollywood's most beautiful women, like Krista Allen and the late Kelly Preston, were in relationships with the handsome Ocean's Eleven actor.

When Kelly's two-year marriage to Kevin Gage ended in divorce in 1987, George started dating her. At the time, Kelly's hit movies Twins and Space Camp were making news, and George was a star on Roseanne.

But their paths crossed when their agents invited them to the same party, and the actor asked Kelly if she wanted a ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle. She said yes, of course. The Mirror says that since then, the star of “What a Girl Wants” has been “hooked” on George.

Soon after, they moved in together and got a pot-bellied pig named Max. “The only problem was that at first, Max was afraid of me. Kelly once joked about George's gift to her: “I think it was because the woman who owned him castrated him.”

Their love was short-lived, though. After they broke up in 1989, the model went on to date Charlie Sheen. In September 1991, she got married to John Travolta. Later, they had three children: Ella, Benjamin, and Jett. Jett died in January 2009, 10 years before his mother.

George also moved on and dated a few women before he married Amal, the woman who was his soul mate, in September 2014. In June 2017, they gave birth to twins, a girl named Ella and a boy named Alexander. Scroll down to see a complete list of all the people George Clooney has been with.

Kelly Preston (1987 to 1989)

George Clooney Dating

In the late 1980s, George and Kelly went out together. He loved her so much that he once said, “My relationship with Kelly is the most important thing in my life.” Aww!

Talia Balsam (1989 to 1993)

In December 1989, George and Talia married, but they were only together for another three and a half years. In September 1993, they split up. After they broke up, George talked to Vanity Fair about their marriage.

George Clooney Dating

He said at the time, “I probably wasn't the kind of person who should have been married at the time, and that's for sure.” “I just don't think I gave Talia a fair chance,” she said.

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Celine Balitran (1996 to 1999)

George Clooney Dating

In 1996, when Celine was working as a waitress, she met the ER star, who was a lawyer. The blonde beauty was so crazy about him that she moved from France to California to be with him, but in 1999, they broke up.

Lisa Snowdon (on and off from 2000 to 2005)

George Clooney Dating

The Oscar winner went on and off with the British model for five years before they broke up for good in June 2005. When asked why they broke up, Lisa said that the actor's fame got in the way of her work, and they are together.

Krista Allen (2002 to 2004)

George Clooney DatingWhen he wasn't with Lisa, George dated Krista, a fellow actor he met on the set of the 2002 movie Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. They broke up in 2004, though.

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Sarah Larson (2007 to 2008)

George Clooney Dating

In 2007, when Sarah was working as a cocktail waitress, George met her there. The pretty brunette was his date to the Oscars in 2008, but they broke up later that year in May.

Elisabetta Canalis (2009 to 2011)

George Clooney Dating

In June 2009, the Italian actress was seen riding on the back of George's motorcycle for the first time. However, the couple didn't make their first public appearance until September of that year. In 2011, the actor from “The Descendants,” who has a villa on Lake Como in Italy, ended his relationship with Elisabetta.

Stacy Keibler (2011 to 2013)

George Clooney Dating

George and the former WWE champion were first seen together on vacation in Lake Como in July 2011. Before they broke up in June 2013, they went to many red carpet events, like the Academy Awards.

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Amal Clooney

George swore he would never get married again after his first marriage ended in divorce, but he is now the proud husband of Amal Clooney, a beautiful British lawyer who is 17 years younger than him. In July 2013, a friend of George's took Amal to dinner.

George Clooney Dating

They started dating soon after that, and by April 2014, they were engaged! Since September of that year, when they said “I do,” they have been going strong.